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Work Experience Certificate Format | work experience in resume | experience letter sample | experience letter format

Work Experience Certificate Format: To determine an employee’s prior experience and expertise in his or her previous business, the employee experience certificate is crucial. It serves as evidence that you were employed by a company in a specific role for a specific amount of time.

Updated information on your application is beneficial, especially for new hires who are thinking about changing their professional path. The certificate includes details like the name of the business, the date of hire, the job description, and the obligations of the position. An electronic signature is present on an employee experience certificate, which is advantageous because it makes the document more difficult to falsify.

What is Work Experience Certificate?

An experience certificate is an official document that attests to a person’s employment with a company or organisation. It states that the person is currently employed by the company or has previously worked there and attests to the employee’s name and other personal information, such as his or her father’s name, residential address, employee ID, etc. Also, it certifies the employee’s compensation package, last title, and length of work. The experience certificate certifies that everything stated is accurate or factual.

Work Experience Certificate Letter- Sample Experience Certificate Format

Experience letters are formal letters that contain written or printed information concerning job confirmation on the letterhead of the company. To confirm employment with the company, a concerned manager’s signature is required on the experience letter format, which must include Name, Position, Period, Salary, and Benefits. The letter, which the employer issues on the company’s letterhead and can be used for a variety of reasons and sent to anyone to demonstrate your employment history,

A letter sent to an employee is known as a work experience certificate letter. The Human Resources Department’s official letter confirms the employee’s time spent working for the organisation. The experience certificate attests to a worker’s abilities and work ethics. One of the crucial exit documents is it.

Experience Certificate Format 

To write a correct and impressive experience certificate, you must follow the proper structure. To develop an appropriate experience certificate format, the following elements must be present. It goes without saying that it should be written in a respectful tone and include the following essential details:

  • Must be on Company’s Letterhead
  • Date of issue of the certificate
  • Salutation or Declaration “To Whomsoever it May Concern”
  • Full Name of the Employee as per the official Record.
  • Period of Employment (Date of Joining and the last day of working in the organization)
  • Designation or position
  • Description of Performance
  • Best wishes at the end
  • Signed by the Director / HOD / Manager / HR Department Head / Authorized Signatory
  • Should have Company’s Seal or Stamp

Work Experience Certificate letter Format Tips

A letter of experience attests to a person’s employment with the company and attests to their completion of all tasks and responsibilities allocated to them. The important or satisfying contribution to the organisation, as well as the recognised strength, may also be included in the experience certificate. The experience letter’s format is not need to be followed. Each group is free to choose its own format. But, the following is a rough outline of what should be in the experience letter:

  • Print the letter on company letterhead, including the organization’s name at the top. Letterheads should also include company information such the company’s address, phone number, email address, website address, and company registration number.
  • Name of the employee and address: HR should ensure that the employee’s name is written clearly on the paperwork. Employees could have issues getting documentation approved at their next job if there is a name error.
  • Date: Ensure that the document has a date when it was prepared.
  • Information about the job, including the title, length of the employment, and specifics about the duties performed. These crucial features are overlooked by many enterprises. Yet they must realise that for the employee’s record, it is crucial to provide all relevant job information in the experience letter.
  • Closing remarks: These remarks should be official and kind. It can include a lucky phrase for the worker’s future. This phrase has a significant impact on the likelihood that an applicant will be chosen by another organisation.

Format of the experience certificate

Letterhead of the Company

Certificate of Experience


To whom it may concern



This is to certify that Mr/Ms_______  S/o ___________  R/o ___________was employed at

> Company name< as a >Designation< from >Starting Date< to >End date<.    He/ she

successfully completed the tenure with excellent performance.


We wish best of luck for future.




Authorized signature

Signature with company’s seal




 Experience Letter Format

Company’s Letterhead


Dated (______________)



Employee Name

Employee ID ( if any)

Complete Address (as per record)

City, PIN

State, Country

To whomsoever It May Concern

This letter is to certify that Ajay Singhal has worked in our organization as (mention the designation). He      had started working here on dated (______) and worked till dated(_________). He had served the company    for about one year.

Until the day he joined, he had been quite responsible. To date, he has accumulated a diverse set of            talents and job experiences. His mind-blowing abilities include: Team Work, Managerial Skills and                Analytical Skills. Aside from his love and dedication, he had always been a decent and kind man who kept    good relationships with everyone. We are really fortunate to have such a giving individual among us.

We wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.



Authorized Signatory

Signature with company’s seal


Needs of Work Experience Letter Format

When an employee is let go, the employer must issue and provide them a work experience certificate letter that is formal and official and written on the letterhead of the company. Whenever an employee decides to leave his or her position, he or she may ask his employer or manager for an Experience Certificate and a letter of resignation.

  • While hiring any employee, the employer uses an experience letter.
  • The HR department keeps a record of the experience letter as proof of the employee’s prior employment.
  • Before a new employee enters the organisation, an experience letter is also requested to determine whether the departure interview and its process went smoothly or not. HR must delve deeply into the “why” if the employee has not received the experience letter for some reason.
  • Experience letters can be used as proof to back up the employee’s claims regarding previous employment.
  • Experience letters are used to learn more about a candidate’s position and role in a former employer.

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