How to Clear the TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Exam 2023: Preparation Tips, Study Material, & More

How to Clear the TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Exam 2023 | TCS Elevate Wings 1 Preparation PDF | How to Crack TCS Elevate WINGS 1 May 2023 Cycle | TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Study Material | TCS Elevate Wings 1 Mock Test

How to Clear the TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Exam 2023 | TCS Elevate Wings 1 Course Material: The Elevates Wings 1 DCA program, is a Direct Capability Assessment for TCS associates with 0–3 years of work experience and a fundamental grasp of at least one digital technology, such as the cloud, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. If you passed, your income would increase by 100%. To pass the DCA exam, you must do well in both the Technical + Managerial + HR interview round and the online test (aptitude questions, logical reasoning, verbal evaluation, and coding).  The TCS Wings 1 DCA coding test is of medium complexity, which implies that although it is not impossible to pass, it is also not particularly easy. You would surely have an edge in the next TCS DCA coding test if you practiced some of the code Questions from last year’s test. To get more private jobs, click here

TCS Elevate Wings 1 Course Material | TCS Elevate Wings 1 Course Study Material 

  • Let’s examine a few Java, and Python, Test patterns, TCS Wings 1 DCA Coding Questions Python, code issues, and their remedies.
  • Prior recruiting campaigns included a heavy emphasis on arrays and other basic programming concepts in their coding tests.
  • With enough preparation, one may easily pass the first round and even subsequent rounds.
  • To answer the coding tasks, you must pick a language that you are familiar with, such as TCS Wings 1 DCA Java, or even TCS Wings 1 DCA Python, and use your programming skills.

TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Exam 2023 | TCS Elevate Wings 1 Exam 2023: Preparation Tips

  • Ability: Five days before the test, you may begin answering TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA questions from our
  • No preparation was necessary for the Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning portions because I felt comfortable with both of them.
  • Coding: TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Coding questions are available on our website along with solutions

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TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Interview Questions 2023

  • Tell me about yourself and the project you’re working on
  • What sort of tasks do you perform on a daily basis as a system administrator?
  • What sort of servers do you operate?
  • Do you use the SDLC or Agile models for your projects?
  • Tell me about a production problem that caused you a lot of stress and how you handled it.
  • Have you ever taken part in a hackathon?
  • Describe one automation you performed. Was it your idea, or was it something someone else suggested you do? If you came up with it, what steps did you take to do it?
  • You are proficient in writing and giving presentations, then. further queries about iterators in Python
  • Further inquiries about iterators and generators in Python.
  • What applications of data science do you now have?
  • Although I am aware that you work on an infrastructure project, is there any chance that data science is already being used in your project?
  • What is your preferred algorithm now in use across all sectors?
  • In two years, where do you see yourself?

TCS Elevate Wings 1 DCA Exam Most Frequently Asked Questions | TCS Elevate Wings 1 Important Questions & Answers

TCS Wings 1 DCA Coding Questions Java

Q) Write a program that will take one string as input. The program will then remove vowels a, e, i, o, and u (in lower or upper case ) from the string. If there are two or more vowels that occur together then the program shall ignore all of those vowels.

Example 1

  • Input:  Cat
  • Output:  Ct

Example 2

  • Input:  Compuuter
  • Output: Cmpuutr


for i in s:
    if i =='(':
    elif (i==')') and c>0 :

Q) Write a program to find out and display prime numbers from the given list of integers. The program will accept input in two lines. First-line contains a number indicating the total number of integers in the list and the second line contains integers separated by spaces.

Example 1

  • Input: 5
    4 6 9 3 7
  • Output:  3 7

Example 2

  • Input:  10
    8 10 3 12 7 15 11 2 17 26
  • Output:  3 7 11 2 17

TCS Wings 1 DCA Python Coding Questions

Question: Parallel Columbus

Problem Statement: Nobel Prize-winning Austrian-Irish physicist Erwin Schrödinger developed a machine and brought as many Christopher Columbus from as many parallel universes he could. Actually he was quite amused by the fact that Columbus tried to find India and got America. He planned to dig it further.

Though totally for research purposes, he made a grid of size n X m, and planted some people of America in a position (x,y) [in 1 based indexing of the grid], and then planted you with some of your friends in the (n,m) position of the grid. Now he gathered all the Columbus in 1,1 positions and started a race.

Given the values for n, m, x, y, you have to tell how many different Columbus(s) together will explore you as India for the first time.

Remember, the Columbus who will reach to the people of America, will be thinking that as India and hence wont come further.

Function Description:

Complete the markgame function in the editor below. It has the following parameter(s):


Name Type Description
n Integer The number of rows in the grid.
m Integer The number of columns in the grid.
x Integer The American cell’s Row.
y Integer The American cell’s Column.


  • 1 <= n <= 10^2
  • 1 <= m <= 10^2
  • 1 <= x <= n
  • 1 <= y <= m

Input Format:

  • The first line contains an integer, n, denoting the number of rows in the grid.
  • The next line contains an integer m, denoting the number of columns in the grid.
  • The next line contains an integer, x, denoting the American cell’s row.
  • The next line contains an integer, y, denoting the American cell’s column.

Sample Cases

Sample Input 1





Sample Output 1



The only way possible is (1,1) ->(2,1) -> (2,2), so the answer is 1.


import math






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