BECIL Walk-In-Interview Questions & Answers (FAQ): How to Crack BECIL Interview

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BECIL Walk-In-Interview Questions & Answers | BECIL Interview Preparation Tips: The interview is the final step of Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited.  Do you need these frequently asked interview questions with answers from the BECIL? We think these BECIL interview preparation tips, which we have updated on this webpage, will help you prepare for your interview to get the best results. The candidate will be tested for mental capacity, aptitude, communication skills, and knowledge of the concerned field. Here you may get the Upcoming Interview Questions

How to Answer Interview Questions Confidently

An interview is the next round of the BECIL Recruitment process. Candidates must have secured the minimum qualifying marks in the interview round to qualify for the medical exam. To get more upcoming Walk-ins Details, click here

  • So, give a clear, concise, and compelling outline of who you are and what you’ve achieved.
  • Avoid personal details. Instead, focus on skills and experience relevant to the job.
  • A good trick is to discuss your present, your past, and your future.

BECIL Interview Questions & Answers

As the competition is very high, only a solid preparation strategy can improve candidates’ chances of getting selected. So, we will discuss some interview preparation tips to make your preparation easier. Seekers who are surfing for the latest & Central Govt Jobs, Kindly check here

  • Are you starting to panic about the upcoming BECIL interview? Every candidate is afraid to face this final stage of the recruitment process which will test his knowledge and skills.
  • If you are prepared in advance for the questions for the interview, you can get full marks in the interview round.
  • In this article, we will discuss the many possible questions asked in the interview round.
  • The interview was average and the questions were related to the educational background of the applicants and the projects taken during their college.

BECIL Expected Interview Question

Read the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation. Grab all important books and study material early so that there is no interruption in between. To avail of exclusive job offers, join our Telegram Channel page now

  • Prepare short and concise notes while preparing to avoid spending too much time on revision.
  • Read the syllabus and start solving model papers and mock tests
  • For the English language part, develop a habit of reading every day and work on your vocabulary by brushing up on your grammar.
  • For the general awareness section, read magazines, newspapers, articles, and blogs related to current affairs (national and international), general knowledge, banking, finance, etc. ‘
  • Find out your weak areas and work on them so that you don’t panic in the exam.

How to Crack BECIL Interview 2022

  • Offer A Firm Handshake
  • Be In control of That Slouching Back and Fidgety Hands
  • Eye Contact!
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Do your research on the bank
  • Be polite to the interviewer
  • Thank the interviewer

BECIL Interview Tips

Know the Organization Better

  • Before appearing for an interview, you should have good knowledge about the Organization, its work culture, and the latest news (if any) related to that bank.

Know Yourself Better

  • We say you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can come up with real-life stories that illustrate that strength. You need to know why you made certain career decisions. Therefore, introspection is essential!

We hope our article is informative. To stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition, you are strongly encouraged to download the previous year’s papers and start practicing. By solving these papers you will increase your speed and accuracy. For more information check website for exam patterns, syllabi, Results, cut-off marks, answer keys, best books, and more to help you crack your exam preparation. You can also take advantage of amazing Job offers to improve your preparation volume by joining in Telegram Channel page!!!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell us about your education and family background.
  • What did you do after graduation?
  • Is this your first interview? What are the other exams you gave recently?
  • What does BECIL do?
  • Do you have any computer Knowledge?
  • Give me 3 good reasons why you chose BECIL.
  • Recently, India was ranked 77 in which index? Who published it?
  • Are you ready to relocate?

Types of BECIL Interview Questions

Personal Questions

  1. What is your name or date of birth?
  2. Place of belonging?
  3. Name your weaknesses/ strengths.
  4. Tell us something important about you.

Profile Based Questions

  1. What have you done after 10th/ graduation?
  2. Why choose a BECIL field job?
  3. Reason to leave your previous job?
  4. Reason to choose your stream for your graduation?

BECIL Walk-In-Interview Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Questions: Personal Questions

ANSWER:  These questions are usually ‘Tell me about yourself but can be asked alone.

First: Your Name

    • If your name holds some significance, do mention it.

Second: Place of Birth

    • If your place of birth is of historical importance, mention stories around it.

Third: Family

    • Father’s occupation/ Mother’s occupation
    • Reasons for not following in their footsteps
    • Family expectations
    • Location preference

Fourth: Strengths/Weaknesses

    • Be honest. Mention some weaknesses, but try to portray them in a positive way.

EXAMPLE: “I always take a little extra time to complete my work. But mistakes are rare in my presentation. I’ll make sure of it.”

Fifth: Role Model

    • You should know everything about this person and be able to connect your goals with this person’s life And life.
    • Try to avoid celebrities who have nothing to do with your career unless they have an exceptional life story

Sixth: Leadership Experience

    • It could be anything from taking the lead in a school science project, college functions, or office projects.
    • If you have been a School Captain, NSS Cadet, Scout or Guide, or NGO Volunteer.
    • This type of response works best with a story.
    • So don’t be afraid to mention your experiences and challenges as a team leader
    • Mention your learning and how this experience made you a better person.

Seventh: Team Work Experience

    • Same as above, but the purpose of this question is to find out if you are comfortable working with a team and what strengths and expertise you can bring to your team.

Questions: Educational Background 

ANSWER: The questions revolve around the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of your educational background

Your Education

  • The interviewer is most interested in your graduation/postgraduate education.
  • If you have done well in school or any subject related to insurance/banking, mention that too.

Technical Questions Related to your Education

  • If you are an Engineer, expect questions related to subject knowledge, definitions and current research happening in that field, etc.
  • Expect the same if you are from a science or finance background.

Why did you choose this stream/subject as your graduation subject?

  • You should be excited about your stream and academic choices.
  • You can connect the learnings from your education with the skills needed for the job.

What have you been doing after graduation?

  • Questions related to the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the things you are involved in.
  • It is easy to verify your employment record so be honest

Do you have any plans for further education?

“I don’t have any plans, but in the future, if I feel like I need to learn something new to do my job better, I’ll definitely go ahead and make the most of it.”

Questions: Career Objectives and Goals

ANSWER: Questions will revolve around your career ambitions and understanding of the role you have applied for

What have you been doing after graduation?

They want to understand how your career choices have emerged over the years. It is perfectly alright to change
careers but you should be able to give sensible explanations for doing so.

Why Insurance?

  • I developed a keen interest in insurance while working on the ‘XYZ’ project at my previous job.
  • I started reading about insurance and realized that I could play an important role
  • I felt that my experiences were well suited for this role and made me a good candidate.

Questions: Questions Related to the Job


Why should we hire you?

  • Sum up all your previous experiences and you’ll seem like you’re made for this job
  • Show your interest in the job description and how it will teach you a lot and advance you professionally, making you a better person overall.

What are the roles and responsibilities of this job?

  • Read more about the job description and career path.
  • If you don’t know what it is it leaves a bad impression You are interviewing.
  • It can mean the difference between selection and rejection.

Questions: Questions based on Current Affairs

  • Based on Politics
  • Based on new Laws/Treaties/MoUs etc.
  • Based on Sports Tournaments/Cultural Events
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Important Days/Persons
  • Based on Social movements


You should be prepared to face questions like the BECIL interview questions mentioned above. You may encounter questions that are not the same as these sample questions, but they reflect the topics or terms mentioned therein.  If you are unaware or unsure of some of the facts or figures mentioned in the question asked by the interviewer, do not forget that you do not know about them and ask politely about them. This will show that you are honest and interested in learning about your work.