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Larsen & Turbo Technical Interview Questions | LTI technical interview questions and answers | LTI Technical Interview Questions | L&T Interview Questions

Larsen & Turbo Technical Interview Questions: Candidates must be informed of the L&T Infotech Recruitment Process in order to work for one of the most respected organisations, such as L&T Infotech. You may also find Larsen & Toubro Infotech Interview Questions for Freshers along with this. We have provided the LTI Technical Interview Questions in order to enhance the interview process because LTI is the most coveted organisation for new hires. Also, candidates can get the HR Interview Questions with Answers for reference purposes only.  By using this sample question, you can get the idea about the pattern of questions asked in the interview. So you have to just use this entire page.

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Read this section in its entirety to learn more about the Online Assessment + Online Coding Challenge round. The Larsen & Toubro Infotech hiring team will be able to shortlist candidates for subsequent rounds in this round. The number of questions in each part and the allotted amount of time for applicants to complete the task are listed in the table below. Thus, be sure to practise within the time limit so that it will be simple for you to do so when the test is actually administered.

L&T Infotech Recruitment Process

  • Online Assessment + Online Coding Challenge
  • Technical Interview
  • Personal Interview

LTI Test Pattern

Online Assessment

Name of the Section No. of Questions Time Duration
Quantitative Aptitude MCQ 10 10 min
Logical Reasoning MCQ 10 10 min
Verbal Reasoning MCQ 10 10 min
Technical MCQ 20 20 min
Paragraph Writing 1 topic 10 min

Online Coding Challenge

Pattern Number of questions Duration (minutes)
Technical MCQ
Coding Question
Coding Question 1 45
Coding Question 1 45

LTI technical interview questions

Shortlisted candidates for the Larsen & Turbo technical interview phase will now be the applicants that participated in the online assessment and online coding challenge round. The technical round will be used to assess your general level of expertise in the academic core disciplines. Data structure, programming concepts, programming languages (C, C++, JAVA, HTML,.NET, PHP, CML, etc.), and the fundamentals of operating systems will all be covered in this exam. Thus, be sure to at least review the fundamentals of all these subjects before the interview. We have provided a reference for L&T Infotech Technical Interview Questions for Freshers, which can be found below, to help you become more informed of the interview questions you can expect.

  • How do C and C++ vary from one another?
  • What are the features of object-oriented programming?
  • How are Java and C++ different from one another?
  • What exactly is a data structure?
  • How well-versed are you in Python?
  • A stack is what?
  • Do you know of any cutting-edge technologies?
  • What exactly is a data structure?
  • Create a software that turns a linked list around?
  • Could you please describe the data and file storage?
  • What benefits come with using OOPS?
  • What exactly is recursion?
  • What are operator loading and polymorphism?
  • What is a copy function Object() { [native code] }, exactly?
  • What distinguishes a structure from a class?
  • Describe the principal key.
  • Describe the ideas of segmentation and paging.
  • Describe the DBMS top-n analysis.
  • What prerequisites must exist for a deadlock?
  • What’s the distinction between a primary, foreign, candidate, and super key?
  • Which browsers support CSS, number 24?
  • How do OLTP and OLAP differ from one another? Which is used when?

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