WBPSC JE Interview Questions & Answers (FAQ): Junior Engineer Expected Question, & More

WBPSC JE Interview Questions & Answers | WBPSC Junior Engineer Civil Interview Questions & Answers | WBPSC JE Electrical Interview Questions & Answers | WBPSC JE Mech Interview Questions & Answers | How to Ace WBPSC JE Interview

WBPSC JE Interview Questions & Answers | WBPSC Junior Engineer Interview Questions: The interview is the final step of the West Bengal Public Service Commission Junior Engineer (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical) exam process. Candidates who qualify for the written test will be called for an interview. The candidate will be tested for mental capacity, aptitude, communication skills, and knowledge of the concerned field. Candidates who qualify for the written test are called for an interview. Here you may get the Upcoming Interview Questions

  • This level carries 100 marks.
  • The interview will be 100 marks.

Do you need these frequently asked interview questions with answers from the West Bengal Public Service Commission? We think these WBPSC Junior Engineers (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical)  interview preparation tips, which we have updated on this webpage, will help you prepare for your interview to get the best results.

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WBPSC JuniorEngineer Interview Questions 

As the competition is very high, only a solid preparation strategy can improve candidates’ chances of getting selected. So, we will discuss some interview preparation tips to make your preparation easier. To get more upcoming West Bengal,  Click Here

  • Are you starting to panic about the upcoming WBPSC JE interview? Every candidate is afraid to face this final stage of the recruitment process which will test his knowledge and skills.
  • If you are prepared in advance for the questions for the interview, you can get full marks in the interview round.
  • In this article, we will discuss the many possible questions asked in the interview round.
  • The interview was average and the questions were related to the educational background of the applicants and the projects taken during their college.

How to Answer Interview Questions Confidently

An interview is the next round of the WBPSC Junior Engineer Recruitment process. Candidates must have secured the minimum qualifying marks in the interview round to qualify for the medical exam. To get upcoming & current openings for State Govt Jobs, click here

  • So, give a clear, concise, and compelling outline of who you are and what you’ve achieved.
  • Avoid personal details. Instead, focus on skills and experience relevant to the job.
  • A good trick is to discuss your present, your past, and your future.

WBPSC Junior Engineer Expected Interview Question

Read the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation. Grab all important books and study material early so that there is no interruption in between. To avail of exclusive job offers, join our Telegram Channel page now

  • Prepare short and concise notes while preparing to avoid spending too much time on revision.
  • Read the syllabus and start solving model papers and mock tests
  • For the English language part, develop a habit of reading every day and work on your vocabulary by brushing up on your grammar.
  • For the general awareness section, read magazines, newspapers, articles, and blogs related to current affairs (national and international), general knowledge, banking, finance, etc. ‘
  • Find out your weak areas and work on them so that you don’t panic in the exam.

How to Crack WBPSC Junior Engineer Interview 2022

  • Offer A Firm Handshake
  • Be In control of That Slouching Back and Fidgety Hands
  • Eye Contact!
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Do your research on the bank
  • Be polite to the interviewer
  • Thank the interviewer

WBPSC Junior Engineer Interview Tips

Know the Organization Better

  • Before appearing for an interview, you should have good knowledge about the Organization, its work culture, and the latest news (if any) related to that bank.

Know Yourself Better

  • We say you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can come up with real-life stories that illustrate that strength. You need to know why you made certain career decisions. Therefore, introspection is essential!

We hope our article is informative. To stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition, you are strongly encouraged to download the previous year’s papers and start practicing. By solving these papers you will increase your speed and accuracy. For more information check Naukrimessenger.com website for exam patterns, syllabi, Results, cut-off marks, answer keys, best books, and more to help you crack your exam preparation. You can also take advantage of amazing Job offers to improve your preparation volume by joining in Telegram Channel page!!!

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WBPSC JE Mechanical Interview Questions 

  • Explain Conventional and nonconventional power plants
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Thermal power plant
  • What do you mean by Co-Generation plants
  • What is Tariff and how it’s analyzed
  • Describe the Thermal power plant in brief
  • What are the types of boilers
  • Describe CHP
  • Two-stroke 4-stroke Diesel and petrol Why is the black color of the tire What is CC Hydraulic system Safety related 
  • Thermodynamics, Engine 
  • Experience basic work 
  • Job regarding questions 
  • Production Engineer Assembly

WBPSC JE Electrical Interview Questions 

Question: What Is Meant By Armature Reaction?

ANSWER:  The impact of armature influenza on fundamental motion is called armature response. The armature motion might uphold principal transition or goes against fundamental transition.

Question: Which Motor Has High Starting Torque And Staring Current Dc Motor, Induction Motor Or Synchronous Motor?

ANSWER:  DC Series engine has a high beginning force. We could not begin the Enlistment at any point engine and Coordinated engines on load, yet might not begin the DC series at any point engine without load.

Question: What Is Acer Cable And Where do We Use It?

ANSWER: ACSR implies Aluminum guide steel built up, this guide is utilized in transmission and appropriation.

Question: What Is The Difference Between A Verilog Task And A Verilog Function?


  1. A capability will execute in one recreation time unit; an undertaking can contain time-controlling explanations.
  2. A capability can’t empower an errand; an undertaking can empower different undertakings or capabilities.
  3. A capability will have no less than one info-type contention and will not have a result or info-type contention; an errand can have at least zero contentions of any sort.
  4. A capability will return a solitary worth; an errand will not return a worth.

Question:  What Is Electric Traction?


  • Electric foothold implies involving electric power for footing framework (for example for railways, trams, streetcars, and so on).
  • Electric foothold implies the utilization of power for railways, trams, streetcars, and so on.
  • Presently a day, the attractive foothold is likewise utilized for projectile trains and fundamentally dc engines are utilized for electric foothold frameworks.

Question: How Can You Start­up The 40w Tube Lite With 230v Ac/dc Without Using Any Choke/coil?

ANSWER:  It’s conceivable through Electronic stifles, generally it’s impractical to ionize the particles in tube light with typical voltage.

Question: What Is “pu” In Electrical Engineering?

ANSWER:  Pu represents per unit and this will be utilized in a single-line outline of force dispersion it resembles a gigantic electrical circuit with no parts (generators, transformers, loads) with various evaluations (in MVA and KV). To carry every one of the evaluations into the normal stage we use pu idea in which, overall biggest MVA and KV appraisals of the part are considered as base qualities, then any remaining part evaluations will get once more into this premise. Those values are called pu values.

Question: What Are The Advantages Of Speed Control Using a Thyristor?


  1. Fast Switching characteristics than Mosfet, BJT, IGBT.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Higher Accurate.

Question: What Is The Principle Of Motor?

ANSWER: Whenever a current conveying guide is set in an attractive field it produces turning or bending movement is called a force.

WBPSC JE Civil Interview Questions & Answers

Question: What Are The Steps Involved In The Concreting Process, Explain?


  • Batching: The most common way of estimating different materials for making concrete is called clumping. Cluster bunching is by and large finished in two ways: group clumping and weight bunching. On account of volume clustering, the estimation is finished in bunch structure while on account of weight grouping it is finished by weight.
  • Mixing:  To make great cement the blending of the materials ought to be first finished in dry condition and after in wet condition. The two general techniques for blending are hand blending and machine blending.
  • Transportation and placing of concrete:  When the substantial combination is made it should be moved to its last area. The substantial is put on structure works and ought to continuously be dropped on its last area as intently as could really be expected.
  • Compaction of concrete:  At the point when cement is put it can have air bubbles captured in it which can prompt a decrease of the strength by 30%. To decrease the air bubbles the course of compaction is performed. Compaction is by and large acted in two ways: the hard way or by the utilization of vibrators.

Question: Describe Briefly The Various Methods Of Concrete Curing?

ANSWER:  Restoring is the most common way of keeping up with the dampness and temperature conditions for newly conveyed concrete. This is finished in a little span of time to permit the solidifying of cement..

 Question: In Block Work Seawalls What Is The Purpose Of Slip Joints?


  • Joints that are framed from the adapting level to the toe level of seawalls through a total vertical plane are known as slip joints.
  • Such joints are planned in order to deal with the differential settlements between the seawall’s adjoining boards.
  • In the slip joints, the totals inside the half-adjusts channels empower a few vertical developments.
  • These upward developments are prompted by differential settlements.
  • This empowers the interlocking of the contiguous boards of the seawalls to connect the boards in a single unit against the earth pressure ( horizontal ) which is applied on the seawalls.

Question: What Are The Different Approaches In Designing The Floors Of The Service Reservoirs?

ANSWER:  Overall there are two primary methodologies of planning the repository floors to forestall spillage of water because of occasional and shrinkage developments

  • In this approach, the development joints of the supply floor boards are with the end goal that the free extension and compression of the boards happen.
  • Each board is disconnected from different boards and two boards have a sliding layer between them to help in sliding.
  • The subsequent strategy gives no space to free development.
  • With occasional shrinkage developments, a few breaks are intended to happen on the floors of the help supplies willfully.
  • These small breaks are spread all through the floor and are just excessively momentous to create any spillage or consumption of the floors.
  • However, the distinction likewise in this strategy is that how much support is utilized is significantly more than the main methodology.

Question: What Is Modular Elasticity?

ANSWER:  Youthful’s modulus (E) portrays ductile flexibility, or the inclination of an item to distort along a pivot while restricting powers are applied along that hub; it is characterized as the proportion of pliable pressure to malleable strain. It is frequently alluded to just as the versatile modulus.

Question: Discuss Some Applications Of Modular Elasticity?

ANSWER:  As the term suggests, “Modulus of Versatility” connects with the versatility or “adaptability” of a material. The worth of the modulus of flexibility is a lot of huge connecting with the diversion of specific materials utilized in the development business. Take for instance the overall E worth of gentle carbon steel is around 200 GPA Contrasted with around 70 GPA for aluminum. This just deciphers that aluminum is multiple times more adaptable than steel.

Question: What Is Aggregate?

ANSWER:  Total is the part of a composite material used to oppose compressive pressure.

Question: What Is The Meaning Of Soil Reinforcement?

ANSWER:  Soil support is the demonstration of further developing soil solidarity to empower it backing or convey more burden.


  • Blending a dirt correction, for example, lime into frail clayey soil and once again comPActing to further develop soil-bearing Limit (frequently finished under the street base in roadway development)
  • Introducing plastic or composite webbing layers (called geo-network material) substituting with comPActed soil to create a more grounded inclined soil structure (frequently finished on steep street banks to further develop strength and steadiness)

Question: What Is Braced Excavation All About?

ANSWER: Unearthings are propped to forestall the collapse of encompassing unsound soil.

Question: What Is The Tallest Man Made Structure In The World?

ANSWER:  The tallest man-made structure is the KVLY television pole which is 2063 feet tall. The universe’s tallest man-made structure is Burj Dubai which is 800 meters tall.

Question: Which Is Stronger Solid Steel Rod Or Hollow Steel Pipe?

ANSWER: On a for-every-pound premise, steel pipe is more grounded in twisting and is less inclined to lock in pivotal pressure.

Question: How Do You Measure Concrete?

ANSWER: Cubic feet, Cubic yards, Cubic Meter.

Question: Describe Briefly The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Plastic And Timber Fenders?



  • Plastic bumpers are low in strength with somewhat high protection from the scraped spot.
  • Plastic bumpers are impervious to synthetic and natural assaults.
  • Plastic bumpers have a moderate energy retention limit.
  • The berthing responses are likewise similarly moderate and rely upon the resource.
  • Likewise, since they are produced using reused material they are harmless to the ecosystem.


  • Lumber bumpers are low in strength and are entirely vulnerable to marine drill assaults and decaying.
  • The energy assimilation limit is extremely low.
  • Additionally by and large the contact tension between the vessels and the bumper is high.

Question: How do you maintain a safe work environment?


  • Safety is essential no matter what type of profession you work in as a civil engineer.
  • Show that you have a clear understanding of workplace guidelines and regulations.
  • Emphasize that safety is a priority and how you will ensure proper protocols are developed.
  • The interviewer will evaluate your communication skills with others.

Question: How do you best interact with clients?


  • In this open-ended question, the interviewer wants to know how you use your interpersonal and communication skills to effectively work with clients.
  • Even if you deal with difficult clients, you know what it takes to handle the situation professionally.

Question: Discuss a challenging civil engineering project you were involved with recently.


  • As a civil engineer, you may have faced challenges on certain projects, so the interviewer wants to know whether you solved them independently, collaboratively, or using both approaches.
  • Mention your problem-solving skills, which may include thinking outside the box.


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