Amazon Hackon Coding Round Questions with Solutions | HackOn with Amazon Coding Challenge Questions

Amazon Hackon Coding Round Questions with Solutions | Amazon Hackon Coding Round Previous year questions & Answers | HackOn with Amazon Coding Challenge Old model questions | Amazon HackOn Solved papers

Amazon Hackon Coding Round Questions with Solutions | HackOn with Amazon Coding Challenge Questions: Amazon is hiring newcomers or enthusiasts with 02 years of experience through the HackOn with Amazon Coding Challenge Contest 2023 with great prize money. Students who pass the exam will get a job as Software Development Engineers at Amazon. This HackOn is to be conducted with Amazon Coding Challenge for worthy and appropriate former students of B.Tech/ M.Tech /Dual Degree/MCA in the passed out the year 2019/2020/2021. For the winning entrants, they have planned to give the prize amount Prize pool of Rs 3.25 Lakh & Full Time Job opportunity. Interviewees can enroll for this Amazon Hackon coding online by 03.06.2022 @ Prior to the registration date, all involved competitors should register their application registration process only through the URL link attached above. To get more Private Jobs, click here

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The Amazon HackOn with Coding Challenge 2023 is for newcomers and applicants with 02 years of experience. Amazon is looking for the most driven and innovative thinkers to apply for this Amazon Hackon coding, challengers must enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related subject.

Your submission will be evaluated based on the following coding capabilities

  • Quality and status of the code: Index standard, polished and well-maintained code.
  • Use of algorithms, APIs, logic, structures, and external libraries.


Amazon’s mission should be to be a customer-centric company on Earth. Our actions, goals, plans, plans, and innovations start and end in the customer’s mind. By working together on behalf of our customers, we create an innovative product, service, and idea at the same time. Amazon is guided by four principles: customer passion rather than competitors ’attention, interest in innovation, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. We are driven by a passion for developing technologies, inventing products, and providing life-changing services. We accept new ways of doing things, make quick decisions, and are not afraid of failure. We have the mission and capabilities of a large company and the spirit and heart of a small company.

Notification Details
DesignationSoftware Development Engineers
Exam NameHackOn with Amazon Coding Challenge Contest 2022
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In this article we will talk about:

  1. Test Structure?
  2. Examination Process?
  3. What Is a Coding Challenge?
  4. The Amazon Coding Challenge
  5. Leadership Questions?
  6. Topics to Prepare for the Amazon Coding Challenge
  7. Do not Brute Force
  8. Problems Asked in Amazon Coding Challenges
  9. How to Prepare for an Amazon Coding Challenge
  10. Want to Crack Your Next Amazon Interview?

Amazon Hackon Coding: Registration Necessities

  • Graduation Year: 2019, 2020 or 2021
  • Degree: B.Tech/ M.Tech/ Dual Degree/ MCA in a recognized educational institution in India
  • Previous Experience:  0 to 2 years
  • Candidates must be Master of coding/ Proficient in Coding

NOTE: Participants must be Indian Citizens or PIO (Person of Indian Descent) or OCI (Foreign Citizen of India).

How to Prepare for an Amazon Coding Challenge

Choose Your Programming Language–> Know Your Basics–>Participate in Discussion Forums –>Spend Time on Solving Problems

Choose Your Programming Language–> Choose the object-oriented programming language you are most comfortable with, Python, Java, or C ++ and master the basics. Practice making programs in this language and understand the intricacies of the language

Know Your Basics–> Thoroughly learn the basics of data structures and algorithms. Google does not want to waste last-minute time doing how to make a deep copy. Learn the basics and keep practicing. Solve as many previous Amazon coding challenges as you can.

Participate in Discussion Forums –> You have to go to different forums to understand the different ways to solve a problem. It expands your knowledge and enhances your creative abilities.

Spend Time on Solving Problems –> Coding challenges are not so easy. They take hours to resolve. During practice, follow this technique – first, understand the problem description, and then think about how to approach it.



HackOn with Amazon Coding Challenge–>> Granting Amazon has been evolving over the years, one constant is the customer’s desire for lower prices, better choices, and convenient services. Today, Amazon shoppers can find what they are looking for online and in person. From delivering new products to their doorstep, to creating and distributing movies, music, and more, we are always finding new ways to entertain our customers.

  • At Amazon, we embrace innovation for many startups, creating stores, devices, and services that our customers can use, share and like. Our interest in pleasing customers motivates us to continue to find favor on their behalf. As we move backward from customer needs we continue to strive to improve our services, add benefits and features, and create new products.

The world’s optimistic technological mind is coming to Amazon to research and improve technology that will enhance the lives of shoppers and sellers around the world. At Amazon, we celebrate a sense of innovation and invite you to participate in the HackOn with the Amazon coding challenge


The purpose of the online code exam is to identify the best-performing nominees in the onsite interview. It measures the hopeful’s problem-solving ability and coding ability. Here are some questions to measure yourself against Amazon Leadership Principles. You will be tested on the online code pad tool. You can use the most popular programming languages. You can go to the tool and learn about the features before attempting the exam. To get more upcoming Exam details, click here

  • There are two coding questions in the test.
  • The first question is easier than the second question.
  • You will need 90 minutes to complete both questions.
  • Once you submit the code, you will receive some MCQ questions about leadership principles.
  • These questions are not time-consuming and you can take the time you want.


  • Let’s see how to prepare for the tests. Increase your knowledge of basic data structures such as stack, linked list, array, pile, binary search trees, hash tables, and charts.
  • Sorting and searching are the most popular questions in the exam.
  • To develop your knowledge in Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Binary Search
  • Wooden paths are also important.
  • Read about DFS and BFS. Before ordering, hide all three traveling models in order and post order
  • Read Prim & Digestra’s Algorithms for Map Travel.
  • Also, read about Dwight and Conquer and Dynamic Programming

You are usually asked to provide your code time/ memory issue. So read on to figure out how to calculate it. Also, try to remember the timing problem of classical algorithms. Training/ Practice is the key. Do as many practice questions as you can. If you have practice questions for the book please try again. To get more Off-campus drive jobs, click here

Amazon Hackon Coding 2022: During the Exam Process

Access the Internet during the exam. You have permission to use your own IDE. But the risk is that if you do not copy your code in a timely manner, you will lose everything.

50% of the exam is about time management. Both questions are difficult and both can be difficult to complete within 90 minutes. If the first question is easy, do not waste too much time on it. To get the upcoming Exam Patterns, click here

If you do not have time, prioritize the important bits of the algorithm. For example, if you are going to implement a category, you should prioritize the comparator because it will be the main logic of the program. To pass the interview, you must show at least one of the two questions.

This is the first time Amazon is going to see your code. So give it the best first look. Follow the basics; Use meaningful variable/ method names and move unwanted code to functions.

Attempt to create classes instead of using complex collections. Write comments where needed. Try to release the best industrial software you can. To get more Exam syllabus, click here

Do not Brute Force

  • You may be tempted to solve problems rudely, but it is very distorted.
  • Stab to provide a more optimal solution than the Brute Force.
  • It is better to have an optimal solution code of 60% completion than a 100% working code of the Brute Force solution.

Leadership Questions

  • After coding the questions, you should answer the questionnaire which evaluates whether you are a good cultural fit for Amazon.
  • Try to be yourself and respond honestly.
  • If you and the company are not going to be a good match, it will be a bad move for both parties

Amazon hackathon Coding Previous Year Questions

This question was asked for the Amazon hackathon coding round held last year

Q1: A chef has n orders lined up. The waiting time penalty before an order starts getting processed is k. And for each order, a corresponding processing time t is given (in minutes) along with its order id. The earning per order is c times the time taken to process the order. Find out the profits earned for each order from 1 to n and print them in order of the input. The order is free if the profits are negative for that order i.e. the profits are max(0, profit).

The following rules are used for processing the orders:

  1. Pick the order which arrives first. The chef can process only one order at a time.
  2. Among the orders already arrived, pick the one with the least processing time.

Input Format:

First the number of test cases T is given. Then T test cases follow.

Each test case consists of n (the number of orders),c (the cost per minute it takes to process any order, which is the same for all orders), and k (the waiting time penalty per minute, the chef faces once an order has arrived and is there in the “waiting to be processed queue”).

Then in the following n lines, an order with its arrival time and the processing time is given.

The order id of the first of these n lines is 1, the order id of the 2nd order is 2, and so on till the nth line has the order id n.

NOTE: The input may or may not be sorted by the arrival time i.e. order 3 may arrive earlier than order 2 and so on.

Output Format: For each test case, print in a single line the profits earned for orders 1 to n, respectively.


1<=T<=10 ; 1<=n<=10^5 ; 1<=order arrival time, order processing time <= 10^9 ; 1<=k<=100 ; 1<=c<=10^4 ; Time limit: 1 second per test case

Example :


3 10 16
1 2
2 3
3 1


The number of test cases T = 1. A number of orders n = 3. Processing cost per order per minute i.e. c = 10. Penalty cost for an order already arrived but in the waiting queue per minute of waiting i.e. k = 1. Then the list of orders follows. Order 1 arrives at time t=1. the chef does nothing from t=0 to t=1.

Since he has to pick up the order which arrived first his profit earned for order 1 would be processing time*c — k*waiting time. Since the order was processed immediately as it came, the waiting time would be 0 for order 1. Hence, profit of order 1 = 2*10 — 16*0= 20. Now the time t=1+2=3. Therefore both orders 2 and 3 have arrived and are in the waiting queue.

But the chef chooses order 3 to be processed first since it has less processing time. Therefore profit for order 3 is 1*10-16*0=10, as order 3 was processed the moment it came. Now the time t=3+1=4 and the last order 2 is taken up which has been waiting for 4-2=2 minutes. Therefore the profit earned for order 2 = 3*10 — 16*2= 30 — 32 = -2. Therefore the order is free or profit = 0.

Output: 20 0 10




using namespace std;

typedef long long int ll;

typedef vector<ll> vi;

#define fo(i,s,e_ex) for(i=s;i<e_ex;i++)

#define pbb push_back

#define all(x) x.begin(),x.end()


struct task{

ll idx,at,bt;


bool comp(task p,task q){






bool Compare(task a, task b){


return a.idx>b.idx;




void solve(ll caseno){

ll i,j,n,k,d,t=0;


vector<task> arr;

vector<ll> ans(n);


ll a,b;


task t;





priority_queue<task, std::vector<task>, decltype(&Compare)> pq(Compare);


while((!pq.empty()) || i<n){






task curr =;pq.pop();

ll wait =;;

ll cost =*k – wait*d;

cost = max(cost,0ll);

ans[curr.idx] = cost;

while(i<n && arr[i].at<=t){





for(auto v:ans) cout<<v<<‘ ‘;



int main(){



ll t=1;


for(ll i=1;i<=t;i++){



return 0;


Topics to Prepare for the Amazon Coding Challenge

The Amazon Coding Challenge mainly consists of problems related to data structures and algorithms.

In data structures, you can expect questions based on the following topics:

  • Arrays
  • Linked lists
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Trees
  • Graphs
  • Heaps
  • Hash Sets
  • Hash Maps

In Algorithms, you can expect questions related to:

  • Depth-First Search
  • Breadth-First Search
  • Binary Search
  • Quicksort
  • Merge Sort
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Divide and Conquer

Problems Asked in Amazon Coding Challenges

  1. Design a vending machine.
  2. Write a program to sort a linked list in Java.
  3. Write a program to print duplicate characters from a string.
  4. Write a program to count the vowels and consonants in a given string.
  5. Write a program to reverse words in a given sentence without using any library methods.
  6. Implement a radix sort algorithm.
  7. Write a program to find duplicate numbers in an array if it contains multiple duplicates.
  8. Write a program to reverse a linked list in place.
  9. Following are the kinds of problems you can expect in an Amazon Coding Challenge:
  10. Given an array of integers and a key, determine if the sum of any two integers equals the key.
  11. Merge two sorted linked lists so that the resulting linked list is also sorted.


  • Coding challenges are the stepping stones to doing your dream job. Many tech giants use coding challenges to filter candidates.
  • They run many coding challenges, which attract programmers from all over the world.
  • They are the mouthpiece for programmers to solve complex projects and win rewards and cash prizes.
  • You may know that one usually has to attend a coding round to list for interviews.
  • But with PPI, we will be given the opportunity to attend the interview directly, excluding the index round.
  • If you do not have much expertise in CP we can definitely call this a boon

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