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GAIL Executive Trainee Interview Questions | Check GAIL interview questions mechanical, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Instrumentation | GAIL interview questions

GAIL Executive Trainee Interview Questions: Gas Authority of India Limited largest state-owned natural gas processing & Distribution Company in India. Now GAIL is going to conduct the interview for the positions of Executive Trainee. Candidates who are going to attend the GAIL interview can check out the most asked questions by the Gas Authority of India Limited management. From this page you can view the GAIL Executive Trainee interview questions for mechanical, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Instrumentation department. From this article you can get the most asked questions from GAIL Interview with answer. This will be very helpful to attend the GAIL Executive Trainee Interview. Naukrimessenger website makes GAIL’s interview questions and answers easier to prepare for your interview. The detailed questions & answer has been given below, check it out fully

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As per the GAIL interview questions notification PDF, it was an online interview for the post of ET (Chemical). Previously it was a 2-level interview, but due to the covid situation the interview was taken online (GATE-2020)

GAIL Executive Trainee Recruitment 2022 (New)
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Small overview of Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)

  • Gail is also known as the Gas Authority of India Limited.
  • India’s largest state-owned natural gas processing and distribution company
  • It has the following business segments: natural gas, liquefied hydrocarbon, liquefied petroleum gas exchange, petrochemical, urban gas supply and more.

Important Notes

  • To be successful in the interview, interviewees must have a minimum of knowledge of how GAIL works
  • There are several certifications to be comfortable with in this specification.
  • Every organization has opportunities in this field
  • There is a high demand for this technology in the market.
  • Opportunities for this technology are everywhere.
  • A good knowledge of how the process is done will get you the job.

GAIL interview questions Quora

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What do you know about GAIL (Go through the company web site)
  3. Where Is The Company Headquartered?
  4. When This Company Was Established?
  5. What do you know about HVDC
  6. What is our main business
  7. If a motor stopped suddenly, what could be the non- electrical reason
  8. After repairing/before starting a motor what will you check
  9. What do you know about transmission
  10. What did you observe in the Industrial training ( I did an IT in thermal plant)
  11. what other offers/calls you got
  12. What are the various specifications of a motor

GAIL ET Interview questions & Answer

Q1: What Do You Know About Gail?

  • Gas (India) Limited (formerly known as Gas Authority of India Limited) is the largest state-owned natural gas processing and distribution company in India.
  • Hazira – Vijayapura – Jagadishpur (HVJ) pipeline project construction, operation and maintenance responsibility was initially given to the company.
  • It is one of the largest natural gas pipeline projects in the world. Originally built at a cost of Rs.1700 crore, this 1800 km long pipeline laid the foundation for the growth of the natural gas market in India
  • GAIL is one of the pioneers in introducing urban gas projects in India for gas supply to the home, business users and transport sector through the formation of subsidiaries/ joint ventures
Q2: When This Company Was Established?
Answer: New Delhi

Properly addressed at Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi India

Q3: Who Is Current Md/chairman Of This Company?
Answer: Shri B.C. Tripathi was appointed as the chairman and managing director of GAIL (India) Limited, India in 2014
Q4: Are You Willing To Work Anywhere In India? Is There Any Problem?
Answer: Absolutely has more sophisticated word can be used here, Looks completely different, Lack of complete satisfaction so no problem
Q5:  What Was The Company Revenue And Profit Last Year?
Answer: The total revenue of GAIL in the financial year 2014-15 was ₹516.14 billion (US$8.0 billion). And the profits was ₹22.99 billion (US$360 million).
Q6: What You Have Done In Training? ( I Did My Second Year Training In Gail)
Answer: Then, I talked about learning the breakdown maintenance of centrifugal pumps, hot tapping, heat exchanger and extruder
Q7: How Is C2+ Separated From Natural Gas?

  • The unit has a GPU unit, which has a demethanizer column (fractional distillation) that separates the methane from the natural gas and we get C2 +.
  • Then they asked if it was a heating process or a cooling process.
  • This is a cooling process as the temperature goes up to -180C.
  • Then he refined it, so it was a cool process
Q8: Under Which Ministry Of Central Government This Company Function?

  • Gail Limited was incorporated in August 1984 as a Central Public Sector Undertaking
  • The company was formerly known as the Gas Authority of India Limited.
  • It is the leading gas exchange and marketing company in India
Q9: Why Don’t We Use Compressor And Send It To Boiler?

  •  The working input for the compressor is higher compared to the pump
  •  So in case of compressor the network output will be less
Q10: What Is Hot Tapping?
Answer: It is to give a new pipeline in a charged line
Q11: Tell Me One Thing, In India, 40% People Are Below The Poverty Line Also We Are Investing In Aerospace Programs. Is It Justified According To You?

  • We have various programs for the benefit of the poor, such as the Rajiv Gandhi Project and the Indira Gandhi Project. And we work on them.
  • But at the same time, we need to stand out globally, so we need to invest in space projects. He then said, “You did not answer my question,” Is this fair? “
  • Yes sir, it is fair because it will help increase employment and attract foreign investment that can benefit the poor
Q12: Which Domain Do You Prefer?

  • I like maintenance for the early part of my job, then function and maintenance or design.
  • Helps to gain knowledge about the various equipment’s in the maintenance plant and to know the process flow well, so it helps to design a new plant.
  • Also, I want to work where the company thinks is most appropriate for me and do what I can for the good of the company
Q13: What Is Difference Between Reciprocating Compressor And Rotating Compressor?

  • The energy transfer in the reciprocating compressor is due to the volume changes, while the rotating compressor energy transfer is due to the changing action (velocity).
  • Furthermore, the reciprocating compressor has a high head and no continuous mass flow rate, whereas the rotating compressor has a low head and a high mass flow rate.
Q14:  Do You Know Ranking Cycle? What Are The Four Components In It And The Purpose Of Each?

  • Pump – Work input.
  • Boiler- Heat addition.
  • Turbine- Work output.
  • Condenser- Heat rejection
Q15: Which Is Your Dream Company? Why?
Answer: GAIL, because here I will have the opportunity to learn the latest technology and machinery and this is a growing company and I will explore a lot by working in different domains.
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