Cognizant GenC Salary for Freshers 2023 (Latest): Breakup, Next Salary, In-Hand Salary, & More

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Cognizant GenC Salary for Freshers 2023 | Cognizant GenC Elevate Salary: Many young graduates and post-graduates prefer to work at Cognizant because of the salary and career growth the company offers. To get the recruitment, a candidate has to clear all the stages in the recruitment process. Cognizant salaries have divided into four categories based on the employee’s role and Salary Structure. Cognizant has divided the company into four categories based on the employee’s role and salary. The four different drivers are GenC, Cognizant Elevate, Cognizant Pro, and Cognizant GenC Next. Here we have discussed the basic salary, compensation distribution, Bonus, GenC Next Salary, bonus, incentive, and everything related to Cognizant GenC Salary 2022 for Freshers 

Cognizant GenC Salary Breakup

  • 4 lakh per annum Cognizant salary package offered to candidates who clear the GenC interview during the probationary period.
  • Annual Salary per annum given to the candidates after clearing the Jancy interview
  • 6.5 lakhs annual package given to the candidates after passing the GenC next interview round of Cognizant placement papers.
  • Cognizant analyst salary ranges from 2.8 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum.
  • Participators looking for Private Jobs can avail themselves of this opportunity with an affordable salary package.

New entrants in Cognizant can earn an average annual salary of 3.5 lakhs per annum and it can be higher depending on the candidate’s skills and performance. Candidates who started their career fresh with Cognizant can reach manager level in 8 to 10 years depending on their performance. To avail of exclusive job offers, join our Telegram Channel page now

Cognizant GenC Salary 2023

After the offer letter is issued to the shortlisted candidates who confirm their interest in joining Cognizant, the specific salary structure and breakdown will be provided in the offer letter. The salary offered by Cognizant GenC for the Freshers batch is 4 LPA. CTC awarded for various profiles is given below

  • GenC: 4 LPA
  • GenC Elevate:  4 LPA + Skill Bonus
  • GenC Next: 6.75 LPA

Cognizant GenC salary 2022 For Freshers

  • Salary: 4 LPA

Cognizant GenC Next Salary 2023

A detailed pay structure and breakdown will be disclosed in the offer letter after Cognizant verifies interest and sends it to shortlisted candidates. Cognizant Gen C Next Company Total Salary for Freshers is 6.75 LPA including all benefits. CTC awarded for various profiles is given below

  • For GenC: 4 LPA
  • For GenC Elevate: 4 LPA + Skill Bonus
  • For GenC Next: 6.75 LPA

Cognizant GenC Next Salary 2022 For Freshers

  • Salary: 6.75 LPA

Cognizant Salary & Pay Scale

  • A new candidate hired as a Programmer Analyst Trainee will earn around 3.35 lakhs per annum
  • After all deductions, the in-house counsel salary of the candidates will be Rs. 22,668/- per month.
  • After completion of training, candidates who are recruited as Programmer Analyst Trainees will be promoted to Programmer Analyst level with a package of Rs 3.8 lakhs per annum.
  • Candidates will pay Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- then Cognizant Salary Rs. 24,000/- per month.
  • If a candidate’s status changes from Programmer Analyst to Associate, Cognizant Salary will change to 5.5 Lakhs per annum.
  • Cognizant salary package ranges from 7.5 Lakhs per annum to 9 Lakhs per annum depending on years of experience and performance from transition to Senior Associate.
  • The next level is the manager and he/she will get a cognizant pay scale of around 11 lakhs per annum to 13 lakhs per annum.
  • The average annual salary of Cognizant Senior Manager is between 14 to 16 lakhs per annum and Associate Director between 17 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum as Cognizant Salary.

Cognizant Career Growth

  • Candidates with years of experience and outstanding performance will have incredible career growth at Cognizant.
  • Candidates recruited through Cognizant placement papers can reach manager level after 8 to 10 years of experience.
  • Candidates will have lots of learning and on-site opportunities.
  • Salary will be efficient as per market standards.
  • Candidates need to put in extra effort if they want to continue to rise.

Cognizant Salary Structure 2023


Cognizant Salary Range (Per Annum) 

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Programmer Analyst

2.49 to 6.70 lakhs

4.04 lakhs

Senior Software Engineer

5.77 to 20 lakhs

10.29 lakhs

Associate Software Engineer

3.73 to 10 lakhs

6.90 lakhs

Software Engineer

3.19 to 10 lakhs

6.35 lakhs

Software Developer

3.10 to 10 lakhs

6.26 lakhs

Project Manager (General)

6.63 to 20 lakhs

14.44 lakhs

Cognizant Team Lead Salary (IT)

5.8 to 20 lakhs

11.32 lakhs

Technical Architect

9.44 to 30 lakhs

17.39 lakhs

Senior Systems Engineer

3.05 to 10 lakhs

5.08 lakhs

Salesforce Developer

3.32 to 10 lakhs

6.30 lakhs

Senior Project Manager (IT)

10 to 30 lakhs

19.55 lakhs

Program Analyst

2.41 to 4.76 lakhs

3.71 lakhs

Test Analyst

3.15 to 8.11 lakhs

5.27 lakhs

Java Developer

2.70 to 10 lakhs

5.64 lakhs

SAP Consultant

3.77 to 20 lakhs

9.20 lakhs

IT Consultant

5.61 to 20 lakhs

13.09 lakhs

Senior Business Analyst

3.89 to 20 lakhs

10.49 lakhs

Full Stack Software Developer

3.77 to 10 lakhs

7.09 lakhs

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

5.21 to 20 lakhs

9.35 lakhs

Software Test Lead

5.72 to 10 lakhs

9.50 lakhs

Senior SAP Consultant

5.61 to 20 lakhs

10.28 lakhs

Solutions Architect

5.24 to 30 lakhs

15.57 lakhs

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

3.70 to 10 lakhs

6.48 lakhs

Data Engineer

3.46 to 20 lakhs

7.75 lakhs

Lead Software Engineer

4.85 to 20 lakhs

10.07 lakhs

Information Technology (IT) Director

20 to 50 lakhs

30.02 lakhs

Information Technology Specialist

4.03 to 20 lakhs

10.63 lakhs

Quality Assurance (QA) Test Automation Engineer

2.85 to 9.62 lakhs

5.24 lakhs

Lead Data Scientist

9.04 to 30 lakhs

18.15 lakhs

Performance Manager

9.27 to 50 lakhs

20.17 lakhs

Data Management Specialist

4.27 to 20 lakhs

8.94 lakhs

Senior Data Scientist

7.32 to 20 lakhs

13.41 lakhs

Senior Director, Engineering

20 to 90 lakhs

46.68 lakhs

Senior Director, Operations

20 to 80 lakhs

39.74 lakhs

Campus Recruiter

1.91 to 8.83 lakhs

4.18 lakhs

Lead Business Analyst

5.99 to 20 lakhs

13.72 lakhs

Data Processor

1.67 to 4.27 lakhs

2.67 lakhs

Legal Manager

8.0 to 30 lakhs

16.11 lakhs

Lead UX Designer

7.08 to 30 lakhs

14.15 lakhs

Cyber Security Engineer

3.81 to 20 lakhs

9.33 lakhs

Oracle Developer

1.88 to 6.45 lakhs

3.75 lakhs

Senior Manager Auditor

10 to 40 lakhs

20.08 lakhs

Senior Product Engineer

3.17 to 10 lakhs

6.48 lakhs

iOS Developer

3.91 to 10 lakhs

7.02 lakhs

Senior Performance Analyst

4.87 to 20 lakhs

9.74 lakhs

Senior Mortgage Loan Processor

1.52 to 3.87 lakhs

2.43 lakhs

Project Management Director

20 to 70 lakhs

34.67 lakhs

Senior Technical Analyst

7.24 to 20 lakhs

11.03 lakhs

Consulting Director

20 to 50 lakhs

30.14 lakhs


As per the official data, candidates get a fine-looking salary with over a dozen perks and benefits, which motivates private job aspirants to enroll in this job. The career development offered by Cognizant is very attractive, offering wide opportunities even after the aspirant gets the job. Based on their performance, experiences and knowledge, below are the options followed after owning the post. To get promoted, the candidate has to appear in the examinations conducted from time to time by Cognizant. Cognizant offers lucrative salaries to aspirants which is the main reason why every year graduates rush to get this job opportunity.

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