Infosys Salary After 1 Year 2023 (All Roles): Hike Package, In-Hand, & Many More

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Infosys Salary After 1 Year 2023 | Salary Hike in Infosys After 1 Year:  On this page, you can find detailed information about Infosys Salary after 1 year for both freshers and experienced batch. Before joining any company, it is important for a fresher and more experienced to understand the salary hikes after 1 year and every little detail about it. You will see the salary offered for various roles and posts in Infosys and accordingly understand the salary distribution after 1 year. To get more details regarding Infosys Hike 2022, Infosys Salary Structure After 1 Year, Infosys Salary After 1 Year, & Others read the entire article without missing anything. 

Infosys Salaries After 1 Year 

  • Infosys is one of the largest IT companies and many people dreamed of being a part of this company. Check here Infosys Salary in India 2022 after 1 year.
  • Individuals can apply for various posts like Software trainee, System Engineer, Senior System Engineer (SSE), Technology Analyst (TA), Technology Lead (TL), etc.
  • Apart from basic salary, Infosys employees get many benefits like a better working environment, bonuses, regular salary increments, etc. 
  • Detailed Info on Infosys salary after 1 year, promotion, promotions, bonuses, and other details of each department can be seen on this page.
  • Participators looking for Private Jobs can avail themselves of this opportunity with an affordable salary package.

Furthermore, they can apply for higher positions once they gain the necessary experience. We would like to inform fascinated nominees about career opportunities and promotions in this field. Contenders who successfully complete the training period will be randomly posted in the City. Based on their performance and excellence in duty, they are promoted by Infosys. To avail of exclusive job offers, join our Telegram Channel page now

Notification Details
DesignationSoftware trainee, System Engineer, Senior System Engineer (SSE), Technology Analyst (TA), Technology Lead (TL), etc.
Job LocationAcross India
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What is “Confirmation of an Employee”?

As per the policy at Infosys, confirmation of an employee means that the employee has worked in the company through a probationary period of 1 year after successfully completing foundation training in Mysore.

How is an Employee rewarded with Confirmation?

  • An employee is rewarded with a salary revision. Below I am giving brief information about salary revision based on various categories.
  • First, I would like to split the staff into Systems Engineer/Test Engineer (JL3B) and Operations Executive/Testing Executive (JL2B).
  • Salary Revision (JL 3B) for Systems Engineer/Test Engineers occurs on the basis of the pay they receive based on their training performance.
  • As you all know, there are 5 categories of pay scales based on training performance such as TPF, HPF, AAPF, APF, 

Three confirmation bands are given based on the performance of the employees during the probationary period i.e. Band A, B, and C Band A is given to the best performers during the probationary period, which is available only to the top 10% of employees, Band B is given. Band C is given to 80% of the employees who are the best in their performance and the remaining 10% of the employees who deliberately do not show performance in their work or do nothing (accelerator or compass). During their probationary period while on the bench.

Salary Hike Increment After 1 Year 

In-hand/take-home pay for a month for employees under various categories if you get Band A

TPF: Rs. 35,000
HPF: Rs. 32,000
AAPF: Rs. 30,000
APF: Rs. 29, 000
Exit Test Clearance: Rs. 28,000

In-hand/take-home pay for a month for employees under various categories if you get Band B

TPF: Rs. 32,000
HPF: Rs. 30,000
AAPF: Rs. 29,000
APF: Rs. 28, 000
Exit Test Clearance: Rs. 27,300

In-hand/take-home pay for a month for employees under various categories if you get Band C

TPF: Rs. 31,000
HPF: Rs. 29,000
AAPF: Rs. 27,500
APF: Rs. 27, 000
Exit Test Clearance: Rs. 25,500

What is the package in Infosys after 1 year?

It depends on company performance, your unit performance and contribution, account level contribution and project, and finally, an individual performance which gives you a percentage if you. If you get hired in any drive, your previous company’s salary and your interview performance will play the role of package

Infosys Salary Structure: Before & After One Year

Infosys Salary Before 1 year

Infosys Salary After 1 year

Salaries in Infosys @ Profile Wise Salary

Job Role Experience Salary
Software trainee


Fresher 3.60 LPA
System Engineer


Fresher 3.80 LPA
Senior System Engineer (SSE)


1-2 year 4.60 LPA
Technology Analyst (TA)


3-4 year 6.50 LPA
Technology Lead (TL)


7-8 year 11.50 LPA
Project Manager (PM)


8-9 year 17.90 LPA
Group Project Manager(GPM)


11-12 year 30 LPA

Infosys Salary Package @ Additional Facilities 

  • Life Insurance
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Health Club Membership
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid sick leave
  • On-site projects


As per the official data, candidates get a fine-looking salary with over a dozen perks and benefits, which motivates private job aspirants to enroll in this job. The career development offered by Infosys is very attractive, offering wide opportunities even after the aspirant gets the job. Based on their performance, experiences and knowledge, below are the options followed after owning the post. To get promoted, the candidate has to appear in the examinations conducted from time to time by Infosys. Infosys offers lucrative salaries to aspirants which is the main reason why every year graduates rush to get this job opportunity.

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