Salary After 1 Year in Cognizant 2023 (All Roles): Hike Package, In-Hand, & More

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Salary After 1 Year in Cognizant 2023 | Salary Increment After One Year: Cognizant is a prestigious organization popular in India and across the world, which ensures that its employees get an attractive salary package for their skills and knowledge implemented for the company’s cause. In India, different cities offer different annual salary packages to professionals working in their companies. On this page, you can find detailed information about Cognizant Salary Structure after 1 year for both freshers and experienced batch. Before joining any company, it is important for a fresher and more experienced to understand the salary hikes after 1 year and every little detail about it. You will see the salary offered for various roles and posts in Cognizant and accordingly understand the salary distribution after 1 year. Cognizant has announced an annual salary hike of 7% to 10% for its employees.

Cognizant has revised its employee compensation so if you join fresh now you will get 25K in hand during your training and after one year when you convert from PAT to PA you will get 30k or 31k in hand for sure.

Year 01: Handover after Confirmation 3.35 Lakh Per Annum

Year 02: Now you will be a programmer analyst Considering you get 2nd bucket (Exceeds Most Expectations): 3.75 – 3.90 lakhs P.A

Year 03: You’ll be in line for a promotion, for which your manager can give reasons to avoid promoting you. Considering you get 1st bucket: 4.15 – 4.30 Lakh P.A

Year 04: If you manage to get promoted by March after a war of words with your PM and SM, you will get the 2nd bucket as you have recently been promoted. Considering you t : 5 .00- 5.6 Lakhs p.a

Year 05: Now you will be in line for H1B, there is a lottery for that. Wait, you get frustrated with the lack of recognition and decide to leave.


Either join another software company that pays you better and repeat the above cycle or get an H1B and stick around for another couple of years.

Salary After 1 Year in Cognizant 

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  • Cognizant is one of the famous and notable company which is known as the most famous IT company worldwi
  • Individuals can apply for various posts like Business Process, Customer Support Associat, Process Specialist, Program Analyst, Consulting, Data specialist, Associate Consultant, Office Assistant, Software Engineer, System Engineer, etc.
  • Apart from basic salary, Cognizant employees get many benefits like a better working environment, bonuses, regular salary increments, etc. 
  • Detailed Info on Cognizant salary after 1 year, promotion, promotions, bonuses, and other details of each department can be seen on this page.

Furthermore, they can apply for higher positions once they gain the necessary experience. We would like to inform fascinated nominees about career opportunities and promotions in this field. Contenders who successfully complete the training period will be randomly posted in the City. Based on their performance and excellence in duty, they are promoted by Cognizant. To avail of exclusive job offers, join our Telegram Channel page now

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DesignationBusiness Process, Customer Support Associat, Process Specialist, Program Analyst, & Others
Job LocationAcross India
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After 1 Year Cognizant Salary Package for Freshers 

Role Names Salary Structures (PA)
Customer Support Associate Rs.3,34,000/-
Process Specialist Rs.4,50,000/-
Program Analyst Rs.4,20,000/-
Consulting Rs.3,90,000/-
Data specialist Rs.3,60,000/-
Associate Consultant Rs.3,76,450/-
Office Assistant Rs.3,76,000/-
Product Specialist Rs.4,75,000/-
Routing and Switching/Network Engineer Rs.4,54,000/-
Software Engineer  Rs.4,50,000/-
System Engineer Rs.3,50,000/-

Cognizant Hike Increment Salary Package

Job Role Annul Salary
IT Analyst Rs.4,74,100
Business Process Analyst Rs.4,73,600
Business Analyst Rs.4,56,180
Test Analyst Rs.4,63,600
System Analyst Rs.3,83,170
Date Entry Clerk Rs.1,34,00
Dot Net Developer Rs.4,84,200
AWS Developer Rs2,73,200
Office Assistant Rs1,43,000
Operation Administrator Rs.2,53,300
Software Engineer Rs.4,50,000

Cognizant Hike Increment Salary Package For urban Areas

City Name Salary Package (PA)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 4,84,248
Bangalore, Karnataka 3,43,427
Mumbai, Maharashtra 3,34,935
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 4,93,738
Pune, Maharashtra 3,57,293
Kolkata, West Bengal 3,59,437

Cognizant Salary Structure for Employees 

Job Title

Cognizant Salary Range (Per Annum) 

Average Salary (Per Annum)

Programmer Analyst

2.49 to 6.70 lakhs

4.04 lakhs

Senior Software Engineer

5.77 to 20 lakhs

10.29 lakhs

Associate Software Engineer

3.73 to 10 lakhs

6.90 lakhs

Software Engineer

3.19 to 10 lakhs

6.35 lakhs

Software Developer

3.10 to 10 lakhs

6.26 lakhs

Project Manager (General)

6.63 to 20 lakhs

14.44 lakhs

Cognizant Team Lead Salary (IT)

5.8 to 20 lakhs

11.32 lakhs

Technical Architect

9.44 to 30 lakhs

17.39 lakhs

Senior Systems Engineer

3.05 to 10 lakhs

5.08 lakhs

Salesforce Developer

3.32 to 10 lakhs

6.30 lakhs

Senior Project Manager (IT)

10 to 30 lakhs

19.55 lakhs

Program Analyst

2.41 to 4.76 lakhs

3.71 lakhs

Test Analyst

3.15 to 8.11 lakhs

5.27 lakhs

Java Developer

2.70 to 10 lakhs

5.64 lakhs

SAP Consultant

3.77 to 20 lakhs

9.20 lakhs

IT Consultant

5.61 to 20 lakhs

13.09 lakhs

Senior Business Analyst

3.89 to 20 lakhs

10.49 lakhs

Full Stack Software Developer

3.77 to 10 lakhs

7.09 lakhs

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

5.21 to 20 lakhs

9.35 lakhs

Software Test Lead

5.72 to 10 lakhs

9.50 lakhs

Senior SAP Consultant

5.61 to 20 lakhs

10.28 lakhs

Solutions Architect

5.24 to 30 lakhs

15.57 lakhs

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

3.70 to 10 lakhs

6.48 lakhs

Data Engineer

3.46 to 20 lakhs

7.75 lakhs

Lead Software Engineer

4.85 to 20 lakhs

10.07 lakhs

Information Technology (IT) Director

20 to 50 lakhs

30.02 lakhs

Information Technology Specialist

4.03 to 20 lakhs

10.63 lakhs

Quality Assurance (QA) Test Automation Engineer

2.85 to 9.62 lakhs

5.24 lakhs

Lead Data Scientist

9.04 to 30 lakhs

18.15 lakhs

Performance Manager

9.27 to 50 lakhs

20.17 lakhs

Data Management Specialist

4.27 to 20 lakhs

8.94 lakhs

Senior Data Scientist

7.32 to 20 lakhs

13.41 lakhs

Senior Director, Engineering

20 to 90 lakhs

46.68 lakhs

Senior Director, Operations

20 to 80 lakhs

39.74 lakhs

Campus Recruiter

1.91 to 8.83 lakhs

4.18 lakhs

Lead Business Analyst

5.99 to 20 lakhs

13.72 lakhs

Data Processor

1.67 to 4.27 lakhs

2.67 lakhs

Legal Manager

8.0 to 30 lakhs

16.11 lakhs

Lead UX Designer

7.08 to 30 lakhs

14.15 lakhs

Cyber Security Engineer

3.81 to 20 lakhs

9.33 lakhs

Oracle Developer

1.88 to 6.45 lakhs

3.75 lakhs

Senior Manager Auditor

10 to 40 lakhs

20.08 lakhs

Senior Product Engineer

3.17 to 10 lakhs

6.48 lakhs

iOS Developer

3.91 to 10 lakhs

7.02 lakhs

Senior Performance Analyst

4.87 to 20 lakhs

9.74 lakhs

Senior Mortgage Loan Processor

1.52 to 3.87 lakhs

2.43 lakhs

Project Management Director

20 to 70 lakhs

34.67 lakhs

Senior Technical Analyst

7.24 to 20 lakhs

11.03 lakhs

Consulting Director

20 to 50 lakhs

30.14 lakhs

Cognizant Salary and Appraisal

  • As rightly noted, “The evaluation process, like any other IT company, can sometimes be trivial.
  • Most IT employees also face this problem, if you start with an average salary, then expect some good appreciation as a reward for your hard work.
  • However, the estimate may not be convincing. It is given in single digits
  • Bonus amount is good as they are paid more than 100% and every quarter, you will see news that they distribute luxury cars to their senior management.

Cognizant Work Profile

Quality of Work: 

  • Most jobs at CTS are production support projects.
  • So, the chances of joining the development program are very less.
  • However, it comes with job security.
  • Chances of being removed from Cognizant are very low.
  • It has real good onsite opportunities and the company is interested in processing your H1 visa.

Cognizant Promotions Policy

  • CTS has a very slow growth rate.
  • According to online research, many reviews suggest that it is a good place to work, but with low salary expectations and delays in promotion.

Cognizant Joining Bonus

Joining Bonus: 25,000 to 50,000 as joining bonus for core skills and early joiners. The joining bonus will be given subject to the conditions given below.

  • You join Cognizant by a certain date
  • You have successfully completed 3 months of service with Cognizant.
  • The joining bonus is subject to statutory and income tax deductions.
  • Joining bonus is refundable if you leave CTS within one year of joining.

Cognizant Salary Package @ Perks & Allowances

  • Basic
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Special Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Company’s contribution to PF
  • Incentive(Per Annum)

NOTE: Incentive (Annual): This is a bonus paid half yearly in 2 installments. This is usually paid in excess of 100% of your eligibility


As per the official data, candidates get a fine-looking salary with over a dozen perks and benefits, which motivates private job aspirants to enroll in this job. The career development offered by Cognizant is very attractive, offering wide opportunities even after the aspirant gets the job. Based on their performance, experiences and knowledge, below are the options followed after owning the post. To get promoted, the candidate has to appear in the examinations conducted from time to time by Cognizant. Cognizant offers lucrative salaries to aspirants which is the main reason why every year graduates rush to get this job opportunity.

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