TCS BPS Hiring Salary Package 2024 (Latest): Monthly, Yearly, Increment, Job Profile & More

TCS BPS Hiring Salary Package 2024 | TCS BPS Salary for Freshers 2024 | TCS BPS Salary Per Month | TCS BPS Salary Slip | TCS BPS Salary Increment | TCS BPS Salary Structure | TCS BPO Salary After 5 Years |TCS BPO Grades and Designations

TCS BPS Hiring Salary Package 2024 | TCS BPS Highest Salary: The compensation for TCS BPS graduates ranges from 3.36 LPA to 7 LPA after perks. An employee’s stipend is determined by how well they perform in the TCS BPS Test & Interview. Payrolls are performance-based and dependent on the sort of work one does. The TCS BPS graduates receive two different sorts of incentives: the Readiness Incentive and the Competency Incentive. Along with upgrading from the first-year probationary term, you may also receive a 10% wage increase. Candidates who successfully complete the TCS BPS Selection process can apply for a variety of corporate jobs. Before applying for the TCS BPS Hiring recruitment, candidates can review the TCS BPS Salary and job description to help encourage them for the test.

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TCS BPS Job Profile 

  • According to the incentives and privileges offered to the chosen applicants, we have supplied the TCS BPS wage structure.
  • Additionally, read the article below to learn about the job description, duties & responsibilities, and advancement.

TCS BPS Perks and Benefits

Candidates receive incentives in addition to pay. Candidates receive one of two bonus amounts: either 40k or 60k. This is assessed by two tests. To get more private jobs, click here

  • If you qualify 1 but fail in 2 – 40k
  • If you qualify for both – 60k

TCS BPO Salary After 5 Years

Experience Level Average Annual Salary
1 – 2 years 15 responses ₹ 2.4Lakhs
2 – 3 years 22 responses ₹ 2.7Lakhs
3 – 4 years 11 responses ₹ 3.0Lakhs
4 – 5 years 10 responses ₹ 3.0Lakhs

Notification Details
RecruiterTata Consultancy Services (TCS)
Job LocationAcross India
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TCS BPS Hiring Salary 2023

TCS offers the Senior Process Associate position in BPS with the wage structure shown below. Category of Components Annual Monthly. To get more Graduate Jobs click here

  • Fixed Compensation
    • Basic Salary 6,700(M) 80,400 (A)
    • Bouquet of Benefits 25,119(M) 3,01,425(A)
  • Variable Compensation Monthly Variable Pay 3,100(M) 37,200(A)
  • City Allowance 380(M) 4,560(A)
  • Annual Componewill a Big YES to it from my personal experience with the BPS industry. BPS is quite good than BPO and it will give ample amount of exposure to fresher to get into IT.

BPS is and will always be a thriving sector with a mixed approach that is not limited to phoning customers. However, you must begin investing in your talents, and BPS TCS will allow you to do so based on your interests.

  • nts/Retirals Health Insurance NA(M) 7,900(A)
  • Provident Fund (at 12% of Basic Salary) 804(M) 9,648(A)
  • Gratuity Fund (at 4.81% of Basic Salary) 322(M) 3,867(A)
  • Total of Annual Components & Retirals 1,126(M) 21,415(A)
  • TOTAL GROSS 36,425(M) 4,45,000(A)

TCS BPS Salary Structure

TCS BPS (Domestic) Unit

  • Salary is 16000 INR (without deduction) and 200 INR extra each day for working in night shift.
  • TCS pays 2000 INR city change allowance for that.
  • So the whole salary is 23000 INR as of today.

TCS BPS Hiring Salary For Experienced 2023

  • INR 7,00,022 + 60,000 for BTech Students
  • INR 7,30,034 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and Msc students

TCS BPS Hiring Salary For Freshers 2023

  • INR 3,36,877 + 60,000 for BTech Students
  • INR 3,53,578 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and Msc students


An additional one-time bonus of up to 60,000 /- based on the Xplore test result.

  • The incentive changes depending on the performance of the individual.
  • Readiness incentives and Competency incentives are two forms of incentives.
  • The incentive will entirely depend on the employee’s performance in the TCS Xplore Program.
  • During the first year, the incentive might be worth up to Rs.60,000.

TCS BPS Hiring Advantage & Disadvantage


  • Although it was more difficult, learning organizational culture in-depth makes you more productive and proactive.
  • Since most projects are connected to operations, you have the chance to study the duties of several jobs at once, which helps you build domain knowledge.
  • Excellent for colleagues with a financial background
  • For those with domain experience as a business analyst, there are excellent onsite chances.


  • The paycheck you receive through BPS has larger variable components, thus no one gives it.
  • Without a valid sticker or your TCS ID, you are not permitted to bring your phone into the bps building. Camera phones are not permitted at all.
  • The workload is heavier than IT and includes a lot of compliance-related tasks in addition to daily operations.
  • In the event that you are chosen for any onsite opportunities and have a steady C rating over the past two years, be prepared for the Global RMG head to refuse your permission.


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