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XLRI Jamshedpur Interview Questions | XLRI Interview Questions | XLRI PGDM Interview Questions

XLRI Jamshedpur Interview Questions: The XLRI – Xavier School of Management is a private business school run by the Society of Jesus in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. In each and ever year they conduct various admission process to select eligible candidates for the eligible seats. In recent days they released the XAT 2023 for postgraduate courses in Business Management and Human Resource Management on its official website. For this course they conduct interview. It is expected that XLRI will interview around 2500-3000 candidates for 2023-2025 admissions for various programs of both the campuses. The PGDM (GM) program interviews are reaching at a concluding stage. For the interview, candidates are searching for XLRI Jamshedpur interview questions for some preparation.

How to prepare XLRI Interview

  • Put on a dressy outfit.
  • Be presentable.
  • Make sure you have reliable internet access (min 1 MBPS recommended by XLRI ).
  • Check to see if your device’s microphone and camera are working.
  • Do not memorise the responses to likely inquiries; instead, prepare them.
  • Use concise language.

XLRI Interview Questions

  • Why HR?
  • Tell me latest Labour Reforms.
  • What do you see yourself 10 years down the line. Why, how?
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What is HDI ? What are the criteria for it?
  • What is transparency international?
  • Which country is ranked first in transperacy international?
  • What are the group of countries around sweden called? Why is it named so?
  • How would you compare the CAT and the XAT papers?
  • What is the toughest question that you have ben asked in all the interviews that you have faced till date?
  • Give me 3 reason why we should admit you?
  • IIT – quota issue, gave me analogies to explain why quota was needed?
  • What is type I and type II error in business research?
  • Why do you want to do an MBA?
  • You have certain practices that you follow in your work routine.Please elaborate on this.
  • What improvements can be brought in the education sector of the country? What would you do to make it better?
  • What are the social evils? Which social evils are prevelnt in our society?
  • What is your role at the workplace?
  • What will you do if you don’t get through XLRI?
  • Why are people leaving engineering for an MBA? Is it that grass greener on the other side?
  • Why do you need an MBA to achieve your goal?
  • Do you think that the bookish learning from mba would help you?
  • What else we are going to teach you than what you would learn at your job?
  • What all are your learnings at your job?
  • What is Mutual Fund?
  • What is Equity Fund?
  • What is equity?
  • What would you do after your MBA (both in short run as well as in long run)?

XLRI PGDM Interview Questions

  • Delhi being a capital city gets a lot of priority.Tell me a few things that should be done in the entire country and not just in Delhi.
  • Name 5 developed and 5 backward states in our country.
  • Why India has only one time zone and America has many time zones? Can india have more than 1 time zone?
  • How can you say that the world is flat?
  • What is exit policy? What are the problems related to this in India?
  • Do you think engineers should be given broad knowledge about various subjects like sociology, psychology etc. in first two years?
  • What are ESOPs?
  • How do you rate your performance in college?
  • Whats ICT?
  • Do you think government should give tax holidays to entrepreneurs?
  • Should people be taken for jobs on basis of their work experience?
  • Should people be taken on basis of their horoscopes?
  • What do you think if we say that the foreign banks are lazy banks?
  • What is your opinion on allowing CEOs of Banks on other company boards.
  • Why are TATAs into so many businesses?
  • How is leather industry doing in India?
  • Do you know about HIDESIGN. Why is leather so expensive? Compare HIDESIGN & Sreeleathers.
  • Why does a merger takes place?
  • Why do you think so many people are joining the IT industry?
  • Suppose the distance between Pune and Jamshedpur is 3500 kms. There are 2 trains on the same track going in opposite directions. 1 travelling @ 15 km/hr and the other @ 20km/hr. A bird is flying from 1 train to another. As soon as it touches 1 train it turns back and flies towards the other train. What is the total distance it will cover?
  • Tell me something about India’s forex polcies and factors influencing it.
  • What is ASEAN?

XLRI Group Discussion Topics

  • TATA-Singur Case
  • We should ensure peace with neighbours.
  • 10 qualities of a successful manager
  • 10 action points a state needs to take to develop itself.
  • Legalization of betting would help sports in India.
  • Why should we not have a socialistic state?
  • If I was licensed to kill
  • Should gambling be legalized?
  • Sheep in wolf’s clothing.
  • Embedded processors-making the environment alive.

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