Accenture (Abstract, Logical, Critical) Reasoning Questions & Answers 2023 (Most Important)

Accenture (Abstract, Logical, Critical) Reasoning Questions & Answers 2023 | Abstract Reasoning Questions and Answers | Accenture Critical Reasoning Questions and Answers | Accenture Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Accenture (Abstract, Logical, Critical) Reasoning Questions & Answers 2023 | Accenture Reasoning Questions and Answers: If you want to work at Accenture and are wondering how to prepare for Accenture (Abstract, Logical, Critical) Reasoning Round Questions, we can help. In this blog, we addressed some sample Accenture (Abstract, Logical, Critical) Reasoning Round and Answers that may be asked in Accenture. We will explore Accenture (Abstract, Logical, Critical) Reasoning Questions in this post, and Accenture offers a unique technique for measuring a candidate’s problem-solving skills. On their blog, they hold coding challenges throughout the year. If you succeed in the challenge, you may be invited to an interview. This article will teach you all you need to know about Accenture Reasoning. To get more Private Jobs, click here

Accenture Abstract Reasoning Questions with Answers 2023

Q) Find the missing term in the series given below:

112, 111, 107, 98, ?, 57

A. 83

B. 79

C. 82

D. 87

Answer: Option C

Explanation: The difference between the numbers are 12 , 22 , 32, 42 and 52

Therefore, 98 – 42 = 82

Q) Find the missing term in the series given below:






Answer: Option A


Q) If in a certain code language, “PACEMAKING” is coded as “UEFGNFOLPH”, then how would “KABALISTIC” be coded in the same language?





Answer: Option A

Q) If in a certain code language, “FURNISH” is coded as “GWURNYO”, then how would “MYSTERY” be coded in the same code language?A.MAUXJXF




Answer: Option C

Explanation:The alphabets are in increasing order of +1,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6,—–

Therefore the coded word for MYSTERY is NAVXJXF

Q) Find the missing term in the series given below. 3, 8, 17, 30, ?, 68A.47




Answer: Option A

Q) Find the missing term in the series given below. 5, 6, 13, 26, ?, 70A.42




Answer: Option B

Explanation: The difference between the numbers

6-5= 1




Here, 1,7,13,19 ,25are in AP.


45+25= 70

Q) If in a certain code language, “URBANISTIC” is coded as “VTEEOKVXJE”, then how “VERMINOSIS” be coded in the same code language?A.WGHQWEROPI




Answer: Option C


Alphabets are having an increasing order of +1,+2,+3,+4 and again +1,+2,+3,+4
Applying the same logic for VERMINOSIS the coded word will be WGUQJPRWJU

Q) Mark the odd one out from the given options.





Answer: Option D


B+2 -D+3 – G

F+2 – H+3 – K

O+2 – Q+3 – T

N+2 – P+3 – S , the term should be NPS hence option D is the odd man out.

Q) Mark the option that best completes the comparison.

Sun : Solar System :: Brakes : ?

A. Car

B. Office

C. Recess

D. Time

Answer : Option A

Explanation: The sun is part of the solar system, Brakes are part of Car.

Q) Mark the option that best completes the comparison

Rainbow: Sky :: Movie 😕

A. Car

B. Picture

C. Theatre

D. Actor

Answer: Option C
Explanation: Rainbow appear in the sky , Movie is played in Theatre.

Q) Find the missing term in the series given below:

12, 20, 33, 51, ?, 102

A. 69

B. 82

C. 74

D. 78

Answer: Option C

Explanation: The series is having an increasing order of +8,+13,+18,+23,+28

51+23 = 74

Q) Find the odd man out in the series : 6, 9, 15, 21, 24, 28, 30A.28




Answer: Option A

Explanation: All numbers are multiples of 3 apart of 28.

Q) Multiple choice (select 1 out of 4 options for the question below)

Identify the missing number in the series 33, ?, 19, 12, 5 





Answer: Option B

Explanation: From right-hand side.

5 + 7 = 12

12 + 7 = 19

19 + 7 = 26

26 + 7 = 33

Q) Multiple choice ( Select 1 out of 4 options, for the question below.)Choose the word which is least like the other words in the group: 





Answer: Option B

Explanation: The child is odd as it is in common gender.

Q) Multiple choice (select 1 out of 4 options for the questions below)A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girl’s? 



C.Son in Law


Answer: Option A

Explanation: Girl’s uncle’s father = Girl’s grandfather (paternal or maternal)

Girl’s uncle’s father’s daughter = Girl’s grandfather’s daughter = Girl’s aunt or girl’s mother.

So, the body is the son of the girl’s aunt or girl’s mother. The boy and girl could be the cousins or siblings. Thus, the boy would be the brother.

Accenture Logical Reasoning Questions 2023

Questions)  Statement: A Corporate General Manager asked four managers to either submit their resignation by the next day or face termination orders from service. Three of them had submitted their resignations by that evening.

Conclusions :

I. The next day, the remaining manager would also resign.

II. The General manager would terminate his services the next day.

Questions) I. The government has recently fixed the fees for professional courses offered by the unaided institutions which are much lower than the fees charged last year.

II. The parents of the aspiring students launched a severe agitation last year protesting against the high fees charged by the unaided institutions.

  1. If Statement I is cause and statement II is its effect
  2. If Statement II is cause and statement I is its effect
  3. If both the statements I and II are independent causes
  4. If both the statements I and II are effects of independent cause
  5. If both the statement I and II are effects of some common cause

Questions) A trader in order to code the prices of articles in his store, used the letters of PSICHOLAZY in the form of 0 to 9 respectively. Which of the following stands for Rs 875.50?

  1. ZCA.OP
  2. ZYA.HO
  3. AIL.HP
  4. AIL.HS
  5. None of these

Questions) Daksh is taller than Manick but not as tall as Rohan. Somesh is shorter than Daksh but taller than Farhan. Who among them is the shortest?

  1. Daksh
  2. Manick
  3. Farhan
  4. Cannot be determined

Questions) How many male members are there in the group?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four

Questions) Each letter of the alphabet from Z to A has been given a value from 1 to 26 serially. What is the total value of the word CONSEQUENCE?

  1. 137
  2. 154
  3. 176
  4. 196
  5. None of these

Questions) Which of the following groups of elements will come in the place of the question mark in the series given below?

682  $B5  EQ9  ?  £D7

Questions) An enterprising businessman earns an income of Re. 1 on the first day of his business. On every subsequent day, he arns an income which is just double of that made on the previous day. One the 10th day of business, his income is

  1. \(Rs.\, 2^{9}\)
  2. \(Rs. \, 2^{10}\)
  3. Rs. 10
  4. \(Rs. \, 10^{2}\)

Questions) On your way back home from office, you see a young boy being beaten up by a group of people. How would you react?

  1. Join the group and start beating the boy
  2. Avoid the situation and walk away without paying much attention to it
  3. Try to stop them even when you see other passers-by are indifferent
  4. Try to find out what had happened and take step accordingly

Questions) Anu Dogra is a Computer Engineer with 78% marks. She scored more than 60% marks in the interview and the Selection Test.

  1. Centaur
  2. Tortoise
  3. Goat
  4. Lion

Questions) Statements: All fruits are vegetables. All pens are vegetables. All vegetables are rains.

Conclusions: I. All fruits are rains.

II. All pens are rains.

III. Some rains are vegetables.

Questions) Statement: Should there be uniforms for students in the colleges in India as in the schools?

Arguments :

I. Yes. This will improve the ambience of the colleges as all the students will be decently dressed.

II. No. The college students should not be regimented and they should be left to choose their clothes for coming to the college.

Questions) Statements: In view of the violent situation due to students agitation the state government has decided to close down all the educational institutions in the state for two weeks with immediate effect.

Assumptions :

I. The students agitation may subside after two weeks.

II. The students may not find a place to come furthur and continue agitation after the closure of the educational institutions.

Questions) Statement: Poverty is increasing because the people, who are deciding how to tackle it, know absolutely nothing about the poor.

Courses action :

I. The decision makers should go to the grass root levels.

II. The decision makers should come from the power sections of the society.

III. A new set of decision makers should replace the existing one.

Questions) A pair of words is given, followed by four pairs of words as alternative. The candidate is required to choose the pair in which the words bear the same relationship to each other as the words of the given pair bear.

Lawyer: Litigation

  1. Lexicographer: Copy
  2. Director : Board
  3. Marauder : Pillage
  4. Harbinger : Mask

Accenture Critical Reasoning Questions and Answers 2023

Some of the alphabets are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct one.

xy _ xx _ yyy _ xxx _ yyyx

A. xyyx
B. yxxy
C. xxxy
D. xyxy

The cab fares in Mumbai consist of a fixed charge, together with the charge of the distance covered. If ram travels 16 km, he pays a fare of INR 156 and for 24 km, the fare goes up to INR 204. What will Ram pay for travelling a distance of 30 km?

A. INR 50
B. INR 240
C.INR 80
D. INR 840

In a row of 60, if Seema is standing at 17th from the first, what is her position from the last?

A) 36
B) 44
D) 25

Read the following and answer the question

Six siblings are sitting in a circle and are facing the centre of the circle. Sonia is between Jacky and Vivek. Deepika is between Ravi and Vishal. Jacky and Ravi are opposite to each other.

Who are the neighbours of Ravi?

A. Jacky and Sonia
B. Sonia and Deepika
C. Deepika and Vivek
D. Vishal and Deepika

Who is sitting opposite to Deepika?

A. Jacky
B. Sonia
C. Vivek
D. Vishal

Who is just right to Vivek?

A. Sonia
B. Vishal
C. Jacky
D. Deepika

Introducing Suresh, Seema said, “He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle.” How is the Suresh related to the Seema?

A. Brother
B. Nephew
C. Uncle
D. Son in law

Mohan said to Seema “your only brother’s son is my wife’s brother”. How is the Seema related to the Mohan’s wife.

A. Aunt
B. Sister
C Sister in law
D. Mother

In a total of 36 vehicles after one jeep there is one car. After 2nd jeep there will be two car and after 3rd jeep there will be 3 car so on. Then find the number of car in
the right half of arrangement.

A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. 17

M is the widow of N. N & O was the only children of Q. O is unmarried and is a dentist.
P is the granddaughter of Q and studies history. How is M related to P.

A. Aunt
B. Daughter
C. Sister
D. Sister_in_law

First bunch of apple has (1/4) again as many apples as a second bunch. If the second bunch has 3 apples less than the first bunch, then the number of apples in the first bunch is?

A. 12
B. 14
C. 15
D. 17

Mr. Y, a mathematician, defines a number as ‘connected with 6 if it is divisible by 6 or if the sum of its digits is 6, or if 6 is one of the digits of the number. Other numbers are all ‘not connected with 6’. As per this definition, the number of integers from 1 to 60 (both inclusive) which are not connected with 6 is-

A. 18
B. 22
C. 43
D. 44


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