BEL Trainee Engineer Interview Questions and Answers (FAQ): Preparation Tips, Expected Questions, & More

BEL Trainee Engineer Interview Questions | Interview Guidance for BEL India Trainee Engineer | Bharat Electronics Limited interview preparation

BEL Trainee Engineer Interview Questions: BEL Trainee Engineer Interview Questions are available for free download. Aspirants may check Bharat Electronics Limited Interview Questions for Trainee Engineer posts. Download the BEL Interview Question Papers. Hope here you will get the complete information of the Bharat Electronics Limited Interview. These Interview Questions can help you to prepare well for the exams. We collect information top engineering technical interview questions and the soft skill questions they ask candidates to help you or your students get interview-ready. We’ve also provided a list of questions to ask the interviewer to help you figure out if the organisation and position are a suitable match for you.

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BEL Trainee Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

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Common Questions About BEL

Who is current Chairman/ MD of BEL

Ans: Shri GOWTAMA M V is the Chairman & Managing Director of Bharat Electronics Limited.

Under which Ministry of Central Government this Company Function?

Ans: BEL is one of nine PSUs under the Ministry of Defense of India.

When the BEL Company was Established

Ans: The dream of a self-sufficient India gave birth to a slew of Public Sector Undertakings in 1954. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) was one such idea, and thanks to the foresight of its founders, the commitment and hard work of its staff, the support and faith of its customers, and the Government of India, it has gone a long way since then.

Where is the BEL Headquarter?

Answer: It is headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

What is the BEL Company Revenue & Profit Last Year

Ans: BEL income statement (TTM)

Revenue-             ₹145.65b

Cost of Revenue ₹83.47b

Gross Profit        ₹62.17b

Expenses             ₹39.22b

What do you know about BEL

Ans: Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is an Indian state-owned aerospace and military business with nine plants and a few regional offices throughout the country. It is primarily a manufacturer of advanced electronic products for the Indian Armed Forces and is owned by the Indian government. BEL is one of India’s Ministry of Defence’s nine PSUs. The Government of India has designated it as a Navratna. BEL’s order book was projected to be around $300 billion on April 1, 2016. BEL was founded to address the Indian Defense Services’ unique electronic equipment requirements. While the military remains the Company’s primary focus, it also has a large civilian presence. Some of BEL’s products and services are exported to a variety of nations.

What are the products/ services offered by BEL


  • Electronic voting Machines
  • Voter-verified paper audit trail
  • Radars
  • Telecommunications
  • Sound and vision broadcasting
  • Opto-electronics
  • Information technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Missiles
  • Sonars
  • Composite Communication System
  • Fire-control system
  • Radar
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Simulators

Who are Competitors of BEL


  • M Forgings Ltd.
  • Hind Rectifiers Ltd.
  • Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd.
  • Genus Overseas Electronics Ltd.
  • G P Electronics Ltd.
  • Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd

Where are the BEL Manufacturing Units Of This Company Located

  • Bangalore (corporate head office and factory), Karnataka.
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Panchkula (Haryana)
  • Kotdwara, (Uttarakhand)
  • Ghaziabad, (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Vishakhapatnam
  • Kolkata
  • Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Why was this company In News In Recent Times?


The general election would be held entirely with new electronic voting machines, according to the finance minister, who declared that the government will purchase these devices from Bharat Electronics (BEL) and Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL). MV Gowtama, CMD of BEL spoke about how the company will benefit through the sale of electronic voting machines (EVMs).

Basic Questions

  • Introduce yourself/ Tell us about yourself
  • Brief Introduction Starting from Graduation Year
  • College Name
  • Tell me 3 Subjects you like most
  • Basic Questions from RAC & FM
  • About your Past Experience in job
  • Reason for Leaving job
  • Would you like to do Team Work or Individual Work?
  • Why are you willing to do this contract job?

BEL Technical Round Questions

  • Define Isothermal Process
  • What is Adiabatic process
  • What is enthalpy & Entropy
  • What will happen if we expand a gas
  • Difference between Air Cooling & Air Conditioning
  • Why air conditioning not suitable in coastal area
  • About Refrigeration cycle
  • What is Heat Treatment
  • What is Nitriding
  • Why don’t CI engine need a spark?
  • What is MPFI, TPFC system?

Trainee Engineer Interview Questions of BEL

  • What is mechanical engineering
  • Explain mechatronics
  • What are the law of thermodynamics and PMMs?
  • Which is your favourite car and why?
  • What is your favourite twowheeler and why?
  • During intial startup, exhaust smoke appears white. why?
  • What are the common automobile specification?
  • Define heat exchangers?
  • Define conduction, convection and radiation?
  • Explain concept of black body? Describe the lubrication system in IC engines?
  • Can poison’s ratio be negative?
  • What is bending moment equation and torque equation?
  • What is crippling load and its equations?
  • What are principal stresses and strains?
  • What is Endurance limit?
  • Draft tube and its application?
  • What is six sigma?
  • Where does the future of mechanical engineering lie?
  • Differentiate between absolute and kinematics viscosity?
  • What is magnus effect?
  • Compare the constructional details of a petrol and diesel engine?
  • Which gear is used to obtain maximum speed ratio?

Project Related Questions

  • Tell me about the most challenging engineering project you’ve worked on.
  • Describe a written technical report or presentation you had to complete.
  • Explain a time you had to use logic to solve an engineering problem.
  • Describe a time you demonstrated leadership skills at work.
  • What processes do you follow to catch any mistakes in your work?
  • What engineering skills have you learned or improved upon in the past six months?
  • What software packages are you familiar with?
  • Describe a time you used problem-solving skills to figure out a design problem.
  • What strengths do you have that make you a good engineer?
  • What’s your most successful engineering project?
  • How do you stay current with the latest technology?
  • Describe a time you had to work on a team and something didn’t go well. What would you do differently?
  • Have you ever had an experience with a difficult client, employer, or employee? How did you handle the situation?
  • Tell me about a time you got negative feedback on your work. How did you respond?
  • Why are you interested in this role? Why are you interested in working at this company?
  • What will be the biggest challenge for you in this position?
  • Describe your ideal manager.
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Do you have security clearance to work on classified projects?
  • Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

Engineering Career Related Questions

  • Can you describe the culture of the company and the engineering team?
  • What’s the biggest opportunity facing the engineering team right now?
  • What’s the biggest challenge facing the engineering team right now?
  • What’s the typical career path for someone in this role?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development in this role?
  • What does success look like in this role? And how is that measured?
  • What’s one aspect of this role that has the steepest learning curve? What could I do to get up to speed quickly?
  • If you’re able to share, what are the most immediate projects in the pipeline for this position?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • After reviewing my resume and speaking with me today, is there anything else I can help you clarify?
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