Infosys Placement Papers with Solutions 2022: Check New Pattern & Syllabus

Infosys Placement Papers with Solutions 2022 | Infosys Previous Papers with Solutions PDF | Infosys last 5 years Placement Papers with solutions/ Infosys Pseudocode Questions and Answers PDF Download

Infosys Placement Papers with Solutions 2022: Here you can get Infosys’s last 5 years’ Placement Papers with solutions PDF, Infosys Aptitude Test Papers with Answers PDF, etc. for free cost. In this article, we have given detailed information about the Infosys Coding questions PDF, Infosys placement papers, Infosys Previous year Question Papers with Answers PDF & others. The system for Infosys placement sheets 2022 has now been completely changed. provides you with all the up-to-date information on the Infosys Placement Sheets 2022 change. Only registered interviewees will appear for the Infosys Online trial at the confirmed date and time using the link shared with them by the Infosys Talent Acquisition Team and a one-time password. Get detailed information about Infosys Exam Pattern, syllabus, previous year questions, etc. in the  below section

In the below section we have provided the latest & new Infosys Placement Papers pattern & syllabus 2022, check it out

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Here we have given the brief information about the Infosys Placement Paper for Freshers. From this page you can get the Infosys Previous Year Paper Puzzle Solving 2022 Memory-Based, Infosys Previous Year Paper Reasoning Ability 2022 Memory-Based, Mathematical Ability, and Logical Reasoning 2022 Memory-Based, Verbal Ability Previous Year Paper 2022 Memory-Based, etc. Without skipping anything read the entire article for the detailed information about the Infosys Subject-wise Practice Placement Papers

Infosys Previous year question papers with answers

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Infosys Previous Year Question Paper with Answers PDF | Infosys Subject-wise Practice Placement Papers

The Infosys paper is divided into three sections: Logical Rational, Quantitative and Verbal. In order for Infosys to be considered for the job, all of these areas must be qualified with high scores. To help you with that, we have provided Infosys’ previous year’s papers

Applicants should also try Infosys training packages. It is essential to prepare each subject for the Infosys exam Judging the Infosys Practice Exam of each syllabus topic will strengthen your knowledge and help you get good marks.

Solving Infosys’ previous year’s questionnaires will help you identify your weak points. You can work on your time accuracy by trying out Infosys’ previous year’s papers. Trying an online aptitude test tutorial for Infosys will help you read each topic in detail.

The questions in the previous year’s quiz of Infosys Campus Recruitment are based on various difficulty levels ranging from moderate to easy to difficult.

Infosys Placement Online Test New pattern 2022

  1. There are total 05 sections for this test
  2. The duration of the test will be 100 minutes
  3. It is an adaptive section
  4. There is no negative marking for this test

Infosys Placement Papers Year 2022: Pattern

Section Name Total questions
Reasoning Ability 15 Question
Mathematical Ability 10 Question
Verbal Ability 20 Question
Pseudo Code 05 Question
Puzzle Solving 04 Question

Infosys Placement Preparation for 2022 Detailed Syllabus (New)


  1. Mathematical Ability (Quants)
  2. Reasoning Ability (Logical)
  3. Cryptarithmetic
  4. Verbal Ability (English)
  5. PseudoCode
  6. Puzzle Solving

Mathematical Ability (Quants) syllabus 2022

  • Percentages
  • Data Interpretation
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Areas, Shapes, Perimeter
  • Speed Time and Distance / Boats and Streams
  • Time and Work
  • Profit and Loss | Mixtures & Allegation
  • Problem on Ages
  • Divisibility
  • Number Decimal & Fractions
  • Series and Progression
  • LCM and HCF

Reasoning Ability (Logical) syllabus

  • Arrangements
  • Puzzles
  • Syllogisms
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Number series
  • Cryptarithmetic
  • Clocks and Calendar
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Most logical choice
  • Logical deduction

Infosys Verbal English syllabus

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence selection
  • Sentence Completion
  • Para Jumbles
  • Spotting error
  • Analogy
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • One Word Substitution
  • Critical Reasoning

Infosys PseudoCode Syllabus 2022

The Pseudocode round will have cover questions from the following topics:

  • Basic of C
  • C++
  • Data Structures

Cryptarometric Definition

An arithmetic question in which the verbal letters are replaced by numbers and answered by combining all possible digits with letters that form numerically correct solutions or correct answers.

Infosys Placement Paper for Freshers | Infosys Placement Preparation 2022 (New)

Section Total questions Total Time
Reasoning Ability 15 Questions 25 mins
Mathematical Ability 10 Questions 35 mins
Verbal Ability 20 Questions 20 mins
PseudoCode 5 Questions 10 mins
Puzzle Solving 4 Questions 10 mins
Total 54 Questions 100 mins

Infosys Placement Papers with Solutions 2022

Mathematical Ability (Quants) placement questions 2022

Q1: Raj was given a task to arrange the letters of the word ‘SWITZERLAND”. In how many ways can he arrange the letters of the word “SWITZERLAND” so that the positions of the vowels are used by vowels only and the positions of the consonants are used by the consonants only?

Answer: 11!/ 3!

Solutions: In 11 letters we have 3 vowels and 11 consonants.

Q2: If a man is given 5 numerical digits and 4 alphabets, how many alphanumeric words can be formed using exactly 2 digits and 3 alphabets?

Answer: 40

Solutions:  5 C_{ 2}* 4 C^{ 3}= 40

Q3: Find the opposite of Literal

Answer: Dishonest

Solutions: Opposite of Literal is Dishonest

Q4: Ram is a five-year elder to his youngest sibling Shreya. Shreya is two years younger than her brother Ritesh. Ritesh is 13 years old and is Ram’s brother. How old will ram be in two years from now?

Answer: 18


Let shreya’s age be x, then Ram’s age = x+5

Ritesh’s age= x+2



therefore, x=11


Ram’s age= 16

Ram’s age after 2 yrs=16+2=18 yrs

Q5: What will be the 11th term in the given series: 5, 10, 17, 26, 37, 50, ….. ?

Answer: 145


5-10 = 5

17- 10 = 7

26 – 17 = 9

37 – 26 = 11

We can see that an A.P. is formed of odd numbers .

So the series will be  5, 10, 17, 26, 37, 50, 65, 82, 101, 122, 145…

The 11th term is 145

Q6: One man can do as much work in one day as a woman can do in 2 days. A child does one-third the work in a day as a woman. If an estate owner hires 39 pairs of hands—men, women, and children in the ratio of 6: 5: 2 and pays them in all Rs. 1, 113 at the end of the day’ s work, what must the daily wages of a child be, if the wages are proportional to the amount of work done ?

Answer: Rs.7


Ratio of number of men, women and children = 6 : 5 : 2 and the total number of men, women and children = 39.

Therefore the number of men = 18, women = 15 and children = 6.

Ratio of work done by men:women: children = 6 : 3 : 1

∴ Ratio of work done by 18 men, 15 women and 6 children

= (18 × 6) : (15 × 3) : (6 × 1) = 108 : 45 : 6

Hence Rs.1113 would be divided in this ratio.

That makes Rs756 for men, Rs 315 for women and Rs42 for children. Hence 6 children earn Rs42 in a day. So the daily wage of a child is equal to 42/6 = Rs7

Q7: The number of votes not cast for the PNC Party increased by 25% in the National General Election over those not cast for it in the previous Assembly Polls, and the PNC Party lost by a majority twice as large as that by which it had won the Assembly Polls. If a total 2,60,000 people voted each time, how many voted for the PNC Party in the previous Assembly Polls?

Answer: 140000


Total Votes = 2,60,000

Let x voters voted against the party in the Assembly Poll.

Then votes in favour = 260000 – x

Therefore, majority of votes by which party won in previous poll = 260000– x – x = 260000 – 2x

Next year votes against the PNC party increase by 25%

So, votes against the party in general election = 1.25 x

And votes polled in favour of the party = total votes  – votes against = 260000 – 1.25x

Therefore, majority of votes by which party lost in general election

= 1.25x – (260000 – 1.25x) = 2.5x – 260000

It is given that, PNC Party lost by a majority twice as large as that by which it had won the Assembly Polls, Therefore

2.5x – 260000 = 2(260000 – 2 x)

⇒ 2.5x – 260000 = 2 260000 – 4x

⇒ 6.5x = 3260000⇒x == 1,20,000

Therefore, votes polled by the voters for the party in Assembly Polls for previous year

= (2,60,000 – x) = (2,60,000 – 1,20,000) = 1,40,000.

Q7: Find LCM of 12, 15, 20, 27

Answer: 540


Explanation :

12 = 2×2×3 = 2^2 ×3^1

15 = 3× 5

20 = 2×2×5 = 2^2×5

27 = 3×3×3 = 3^3

HCF = 1

LCM = 2^2 × 3^3 × 5 = 540

Logical Reasoning Infosys Placement Paper 

 Q1: If all the persons are asked to sit in a clockwise direction in an alphabetical order starting from A, the position of how many will remain unchanged, excluding A?
Answer: TWO

Solutions:From the above statements, we can make the following diagram Sitting Arrangement -Logical Reasoning Level 2-Set 4- 1

The position of C and E will remain unchanged. The correct option is (c).

Q2: Who is sitting to the immediate left of E?

 Sitting Arrangement -Logical Reasoning Level 2-Set 4- 1

Q3: Who is sitting second to the left of A?

Sitting Arrangement -Logical Reasoning Level 2-Set 4- 1
Q4: Direction for the questions : Study the following information and answer the questions given: Seven people A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting in a circle. Five of them are facing the centre while two of them are facing opposite to the center. C sits third to the left of D and both are facing the centre. E is neither an immediate neighbour of D nor of C. The one sitting exactly between D and F is facing opposite to the centre. G sits third to the right of A and G is facing the center. One of B’s neighbour is facing opposite to the centre.
Sitting Arrangement -Logical Reasoning Level 2-Set 4- 1

Q5: What is the position of F with respect to B?

Answer: None of these

Sitting Arrangement -Logical Reasoning Level 2-Set 4- 1
Verbal Ability Placement Preparation 2022

Q1: If Bears: Growl, then Asses: ________

Answer: Bray

Solutions: Other sounds are made by animals like:

Asses – bray, Sheep/ Lambs/ Goats/ Calves – bleat, Cats – Purr

Q2: Change the voice of the given sentence – The clerk said to me, “You have not submitted your documents on time.”

Answer: The clerk told me that I have not submitted my documents on time

Solutions: The indirect speech of the given sentence is – The clerk told me that I have not submitted my documents on time. As per the given sentence is in past tense so said is change to tell, you change to I, your is a change to my, and so on.

Q3: If Dawn: Morning, then Dusk: ________

Answer: Evening


Dusk – It is the time before night when it is not yet dark, in the evening.

Darkness – The total absence of light is called as darkness.

Fog – It is a thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere.

Q4: Change the voice of the given sentence ” The teacher should have not hit the child”

Answer: The children should have not been hit by the teacher 

Solutions:  The passive voice of a given sentence is – The child should have not been hit by the teacher. As it is in form obj+should+have not been+verb+subject.

Q5: Find the error in underlined part of the given sentence and correct it by choosing correct option: “The girl told her teacher to explain the whole lesson again”

Answer: Asked Her Teacher

Solutions:  Correct sentence: The girl asked her teacher to explain the whole lesson again.

Pseudo Code placement questions

  • Number of Questions – 5
  • Time Limit – 10 mins
  • Difficulty –Medium- Hard
  • Importance – Moderate

Puzzle Solving placement questions


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