TCS Salary After 1 Year 2024 (All Roles): Hike Package, In-Hand, & Many More

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TCS Salary After 1 Year 2024 | Salary Hike in TCS After 1 Year:  On this page, you can find detailed information about TCS Salary after 1 year for both freshers and experienced batch. Before joining any company, it is important for a fresher and more experienced to understand the salary hikes after 1 year and every little detail about it. You will see the salary offered for various roles and posts in TCS and accordingly understand the salary distribution after 1 year. To get more details regarding  TCS Final Anniversary Hike 2024, TCS EIS Salary Structure After 1 Year, TCS BPS Salary After 1 Year, & Others read the entire article without missing anything. 

TCS Salaries After 1 Year 

  • TCS is one of the largest IT companies and many people dreamed of being a part of this company. Check here TCS Salary in India 2024 after 1 year.
  • Individuals can apply for various posts like HR, System Engineer, IT Analyst, Software Engineer, etc.
  • Apart from basic salary, TCS employees get many benefits like a better working environment, bonuses, regular salary increments, etc. 
  • Detailed Info on TCS salary after 1 year, promotion, promotions, bonuses, and other details of each department can be seen on this page.
  • Participators looking for Private Jobs can avail themselves of this opportunity with an affordable salary package.

Furthermore, they can apply for higher positions once they gain the necessary experience. We would like to inform fascinated nominees about career opportunities and promotions in this field. Contenders who successfully complete the training period will be randomly posted in the City. Based on their performance and excellence in duty, they are promoted by TCS. To avail of exclusive job offers, join our Telegram Channel page now

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TCS Salary Increment After 1 Year: Outline

TCS INR 3.36 in the Ninja profile will provide a package of LPA package. After one year there is a default promotion and you get a FAV rating i.e. First Anniversary Rating. Get the latest Freshers Jobs here

  • After this default promotion, your designation will change from Assistant System Engineer Trainee to Assistant System Engineer.
  • You will get 20k – 50k increments depending on your ratings.
  • The package will rise to 3.5 – 3.8 LPA.
  • The average annual salary in TCS is INR 7.2 lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 631k TCS salary received from various employees of TCS

How Much Salary Increase After 1 Year

If you are joining the company as a fresher (as of 2024), your CTC is around 3.33 LPA, your first increment will be done suddenly after completion of your ILP (3.36 LPA), obviously not that much. 2nd increment, after completion of your 1 year in TCS, depends on the rating provided by your supervisor. 

Typically, a rating of 5 would be a 12% raise.

4 Rating – 10% hike

3 Rating – 8% hike.

No one will get less than this unless you are very dumb.

Most of them will get a rating of 3 to 4 (average case), and very few will get a 5

Salary Increment/ Hike After 1 Year: Details

See after the 1-year increment will be as:

5 Rating – 50k increment

4 Rating – 40k increment

3 Rating – 30k Inc

Now due to covid increment is given to only those who have FA as follows:

5 Rating – 33k Inc

4 Rating – 30k Inc

3 Rating – 27k Inc

TCS Salary After 1 Year for Freshers

Ninja Offer

  • INR 3,36,877 + 60,000 for BTech Students
  • INR 3,53,578 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and MSc students

Digital Offer

  • INR 7,00,022 + 60,000 for BTech Students
  • INR 7,30,034 + 60,000 for MTech, Integrated, and MSc students

TCS Salary For Freshers in India 2024

Job Title TCS Salary India Range TCS Salary Per Month
Systems Engineer, IT ₹241k – ₹591k ₹409,628
Software Engineer ₹242k – ₹865k ₹450,753
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer ₹247k – ₹781k ₹442,564
Information Technology (IT) Consultant ₹519k – ₹2m ₹1,163,090
SAP Consultant ₹316k – ₹1m ₹691,352
Software Developer ₹230k – ₹931k ₹449,818
Business Analyst, IT ₹317k – ₹1m ₹693,752

TCS Salaries 2024

Systems Engineer, IT 
Salary Rs 285,649 – Rs 528,239
Bonus Rs 0.00 – Rs 134,472
Profit Disbursement Rs 0.00 – Rs 79,463
Total Pay Rs 294,452 – Rs 541,312
Software Engineer 
Salary Rs 310,007 – Rs 815,121
Bonus Rs 0.00 – Rs 198,659
Profit Disbursement Rs 1,478 – Rs 63,308
Total TCS Salary Rs 311,408 – Rs 814,156
Senior Software Engineer 
Salary Rs 459,594 – Rs 990,988
Bonus Rs 0.00 – Rs 98,870
Profit Disbursement Rs 4,010 – Rs 128,112
Total Pay Rs 464,088 – Rs 990,988
Software Developer 
Salary Rs 244,168 – Rs 741,544
Bonus Rs 4,116 – Rs 94,867
Profit Disbursement Rs 859 – Rs 37,901
Total Pay Rs 244,168 – Rs 747,824

TCS Salary In India for Software Development

Software Development Average TCS Freshers Salary
Developer 4,53,172 per year
Software Engineer 4,14,227 per year
Software Test Engineer 3,17,752 per year
Java Developer 4,44,284 per year
Software Architect 12,40,877 per year

TCS Salary for Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Average TCS Salary in India
System Engineer 4,12,406 per year
Test Engineer 3,32,215 per year
Identity Manager 7,09,954 per year
Senior System Engineer 3,67,365 per year
Security Engineer 4,12,186 per year

TCS salary structure for Management

Management TCS Starting Salary
Senior Process Manager 3,48,735 per year
Team Leader 5,03,413 per year
Associate Consultant 11,11,882 per year
Assistant Manager 6,24,873 per year
Consultant 6,42,549 per year

TCS Salary Structure for Information Design & Documentation

Information Design & Documentation TCS Average Salary In India
IT Analyst 6,77,133 per year
Business Process Analyst 4,89,618 per year
Business Analyst 4,45,082 per year
Test Analyst 4,71,017 per year
Systems Analyst 5,51,160 per year

TCS Salary Structure for Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance Average Salary In TCS
Data Entry Clerk 12,884 per month
Administrator 4,73,018 per year
Business Associate 2,76,001 per year
Office Assistant 10,000 per month
Operations Administrator 2,47,275 per year

Average Bonus for TCS Employees

Job National Bonus Data
Systems Engineer, IT Rs 19,518
Senior Software Engineer Rs 39,305
Software Engineer Rs 10,113
Business Analyst, IT Rs 50,000
Information Technology (IT) Consultant Rs 70,000
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer Rs 49,579
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)

Rs 55,000

TCS India Salary by Degree

Academic Qualification Median TCS Salary Range (Per Year)
B.Sc Computer Science INR 2.7 – INR 10.5 lakh
Bachelor of Engineering (BE) INR 3.0 – INR 12.5 lakh
Bachelor of Technology (BT / Btech) INR 2.8 – INR 9.25 lakh
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) INR 3.0 – INR 12.0 lakh
Master of Business Administration (MBA) INR 3.0 – INR 15.0 lakh
Bachelor of Engineering ( BE), ECE INR 3.0 – INR 13.0 lakh
Master of Computer Applications (MCA) INR 3.5 – INR 15.0 lakh
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech- IT) INR 3.0 – INR 10.0 lakh
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech-CSE) INR 3.0 – INR 9.5 lakh
Graduates (B.A/B.Sc/ B.Com) INR 1.8 – INR 11.5 lakh
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance INR 2.7 – INR 13.7 lakh
Bachelor of Arts (BA) INR 5.16 lakh
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science (CS) INR 3.75 lakh

Salary of TCS by Experience

Years Of Experience Average TCS Salary (Per Year)
Less than 1 year INR314,491
1 – 4 years (TCS Salary after 5 years) INR413,837
5 – 9 years (TCS Salary for 7 years experience) INR749,789
10 – 19 years (TCS Salary for 10 years of experience) INR1,365,096
More than 20 years INR2,808,879

TCS Salary Details

Job Role TCS Average Salary for Freshers
Associate Software Engineer Rs 3.5 LPA
Associate System Engineer Trainee Rs 3.4 LPA
System Engineer Rs 4 LPA
Operation Executive Rs 2.4 LPA
Management Trainee Rs 6-7 LPA
TCS Digital Rs 7 LPA
HR Rs 2.5 LPA
BPS Trainee/Associate Rs. 2.2 LPA
Process Associate/Analyst Rs. 2.4 LPA
BPO Analyst/Trainee/Associate Rs. 2.4 LPA
IT Analyst Rs. 3.5 LPA
Business Analyst Rs 3.1 LPA


As per the official data, candidates get a fine-looking salary with over a dozen perks and benefits, which motivates private job aspirants to enroll in this job. The career development offered by TCS is very attractive, offering wide opportunities even after the aspirant gets the job. Based on their performance, experiences and knowledge, below are the options followed after owning the post. To get promoted, the candidate has to appear in the examinations conducted from time to time by TCS. TCS offers lucrative salaries to aspirants which is the main reason why every year graduates rush to get this job opportunity.

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